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It’s reported that David Norris is poised to re-enter the Irish Presidential race, having withdrawn from the race following revelations that he asked for leniency for his ex-partner who was convicted of the statutory rape of a 15 year old boy in Israel.

Apart from being gay, which pleases liberal opinion, he also seems to have a REAL problem with Israel. Consider these quotes;

* Irish Senate, 23 Mar 2004. Norris supports sanctions against Israel for killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin: “We should not be trading with a rogue state.” He gets a lot of support in the Senate. Nobody defends Israel.

* Norris on Israel, Irish Senate, 20 May 2004 – “There is one thing that we can do. There is a human rights protocol attached to the external association agreement of the European Union. Since we hold the Presidency of the EU, why do we not operate that and remove the special status awarded to Israel?” He gets a lot of support in the Senate. Nobody defends Israel.

* Norris on Israel, Irish Senate, 5 July 2006.
o He describes Gaza as “an open-air concentration camp”.

We all remember Mary Robinson’s problem with Israel, looks like Ireland may choose another VICIOUS anti-Israel President.

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  1. Let’s face facts. More than 50% of the Irish population HATES Israel and DESPISE ALL Jews.

    Norris, Robinson and the entire Sinn Fein rabble loath the Israelis because they see the Palestinians as the underdogs and the Irish Cultural animus perceives this in relation to their own history in conflict with the British.

    Obama loathes the Israelis as well for similar reasons. So do a majority of the “African Americans”.

    Israel represents the Great oppressor to the Palestinians just as the Brits are to the Irish and the White Americans to the Black Americans.

    Not much is going to change the collective Irish psyche. The Jews will always represent oppressors and the Palestinians the victims. The Irish LOVE victims, at least the ones they themselves create in their collective minds.

    Jew hatred has a long history in Ireland. I think the Catholic Church can take a lot of the blame because it was the “thinking and dictatorial” establishment in a country that psychologically needed guidance. Look at WW-II. The I.R.A. and lots of their sympathisers were Germany supporters.


    The Germans were thrashing 2 of their biggest enemies:

    In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s Britain was being humiliated and battered by the German military and the Gestapo were literally dispensing of the Jew who many believed controlled the financial markets and diamond industry of the world and blamed their miserable lives on them.

    Norris’s hatred of the Jews is merely a continuation of the long history of the Great Irish cultural inferiority complex, which drives them to begrudge those who appear smarter, more industrious and more independent than themselves.

  2. Eddie,

    Apart from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which of course held a secret coded message which stated ‘death to the Irish, Oy’, I reckon you have about covered all the bases!

    (The secret message was of course decoded by our own resident expert Allan@, but since he had forgotten where his pen was, the whole thing fell from recorded memory until this morning!)

  3. “inancial markets and diamond industry of the world and blamed their miserable lives on them.”

    The impoverished Irish were blaming their miserable lives on the “diamond industry of the world”? Yeah, Eddie

    You’re talking through the wrong hole as usual.

    Jews were always present in the Irish independence movement. Let me give you a few examples.

    Daniel O’´Connell, famous agitator for Catholic emancipation, was a strong supporter of emancipation for Jews too.
    Jews in turn contributed well beyond their numbers to relief in the Famine, embarrassing the meagre or totally absent help from many English groups and organisations
    A Dublin newspaper, for example, noted shortly afterwards that the Rothschilds had

    “contributed during the Irish famine of 1847 … a sum far beyond the joint contributions of the Devonshires, and Herefords, Lansdownes, Fitzwilliams and Herberts, who annually drew so many times that amount from their Irish estates.”

    In the War of Independence, the IRA man responsible for procuring weapons was a Jew, and he successfully ran arms (from Germany) past the British blockade. He later became Lord Mayor of Dublin – twice – and was certainly not the first or the last Jewish mayor of the city.

    Yitzchak Herzog of Dublin was known as the “Sinn Fein Rabbi”, a gifted Irish speaker and friend of DeValera, as was his son Chaim, later to become President of Israel.
    Indeed DeValera’s election agent, and the agent of Countess Markevicz, was also a Jew, a lawyer who also defended captured IRA men.

    DeValera no doubt had some of this in mind when he deliberately included recognition of the Jewish community in Ireland in the country’s new Constitution. AFAIK, Ireland was the only country to expressly give protection to Jews, and in Europe in 1937 this was more than a very meaningful gesture.

  4. Is this ridiculous Norris being taken seriously there?

    Can he not have the decency to retreat to a cave in some distant part of the world?

  5. Norris was also knocked out for his interview in which he semed to support man-boy love, so in the present climate in Ireland given the Church scandals is he really viable as a candidate. I hope not.

    I doubt his position on Israel is a factor at all.

  6. Modest proposal

    Eliminate the position of President

    Eliminate the Senead

    Merge the President thing into the position of Taoiseach

    Simplify, simplify

    If there is no President job then the people won’t be wasting their time on elections for a position whose responsibilities principally involve eating lunch and dinner

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