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Remove most of Parliament’s powers, handing them to Brussels…No Problem

Remove the Courts’ ability to deport any criminal at all……..……………No Problem

Lash on the European Union’s Regulations to banking, boating, business, ……….No Problem

Accept that we will not be ruling ourselves ever, ever again…………………..No Problem


Take some salt out of the HP Sauce recipe in accord with Government calls for ‘healthier living’,………………………………..Man the Barricades


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15 thoughts on “At last; a problem!

  1. I noticed that HP sauce had changed for the worse , and then noticed that it was made in Holland ; to be honest it was disgusting . I bought a bottle of Daddies sauce only to discover that it , also , was made in Holland and tasted nothing like the original .
    Switched to an old favourite , so can I recommend Hammonds Chop Sauce , it is very good and it’s made in Yorkshire .

  2. Harri –

    The state allows nothing which it hasn’t approved, nothing at all.

    I recommend mockery and rejection. It’s fun as well as the moral thing to do.

  3. Solution: add three pinches of table salt to any food product which says “reduced salt”. (As long as we are still allowed to purchase salt, I suppose. It won’t be long before the self-checkout voice says “Approval needed”, at this rate).

  4. Maldon.

    It has to be Maldon Sea Salt. Get yours now before it’s licenced by government direktive.

  5. Tom Tyler.

    If only it was as simple as that. As all good cooks know, – it makes all the difference when you add the salt. I would be very surprised if that was the only difference in ingredients, – somewhow cheap ingredients do not taste quite the same as th e’good stuff’…

  6. Yup. Anyway, we shouldn’t be too vexed; companies will often experiment with improving the flavour of their products. But there are certain brands which are known for their distinct taste and which the public don’t want to see any changes to. Let the marketplace dictate (via a reduction in sales) and HP will soon revert back to the way it was, just like (errr, was it Marmite or something?) before it.

  7. Look, this is what happens when you listen to one of the ‘Self-Righteous’ anti-salt fanatics .. The dreadfull women in question by the way just happens to be one of those ‘righteous’

    You want to end up looking as gaunt and ill as her .. then take her advice, or totaly ignore her and live a long and healty life.

    It’s probably just pure coincidence (Again) but she just happens to be a Socialist

    Listen to what they say, and siply do the exact opposite

    Here she is, in all her righteous glory. Gillian McKeith… is her name.

  8. To address Mike’s original point (that we complain and make a fuss over the little things, but not about the things which really matter),
    Actually, some of the revolutions which eventually overthrew tyrannical regimes, started as a spontaneous reaction against some small inconsequential matter. The Romanian overthrow of Ceaucescu started as a reaction – not to the gas mains being switched off all day, nor to the food shortages – but to the detention of a single priest in Timisoara. Sometimes it’s just one small thing which acts as the straw to break the camel’s back. And I think that if there ever is some sort of a revolt against, say, the EU, then it will probably start from such a small thing.

  9. Tom Tyler could be right there ..

    Did the Arab Spring not start, because the ‘State’ tried to stop a young guy selling his meagre wares to survive.

    I think that camels back was broken some time ago, the blue touch paper was lit by the state some time ago , it’s just a matter of time before it blows.

  10. Harri –


    A poor man had his barrow of vegetables confiscated by state thugs (sorry, I mean police) in Tunisia because it wasn’t licenced. It was his only means of making a living.

    Soon after, the president fled and the state fell.


  11. Personally, I haven’t seen a change in the “bowel-clensing” effects of HP sauce lately.

    The taste is not really that important, it’s the medicinal powers that matter.

  12. Eddie,

    ” it’s the medicinal powers that matter.”

    Medicinal? You have got, repeat got, to be joking!

  13. Let’s hope New HP sauce is as widely successful as ‘New’ Coke was.

    Diet, Low fat, Low Salt, Gluten Free, De Caffinated, Trans Fat Free ….these are all codewords meaning it tastes like sh*t.

    Eat purest Lard you know it makes sense.

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