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There are two questions with this alleged racial abuse story which should be asked, and answered.

Firstly, did the ‘singer’ actually attempt to jump the queue at the Security station? If she did, the stupid bitch deserves all she got! If not, then the ‘singer’ deserves an apology from the UKBA man, and that is about all.

Secondly, what purpose is served by ‘Big Bruvva’ Boris’s intervention? If there was indeed the slightest suggestion of a ‘racist’ slur against this ‘singer’, surely there would have been further interjections by both UKBA staff and onlookers; because as we all know black people can do no wrong at all, especially in our wonderful world of ‘multiculturalism’. Or is it simply a case of some unknown ‘wannabe’ so-called celebrity getting too big for her tight britches?

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5 thoughts on “Who you calling a ho?

  1. I call bollox on this story.

    1/ As a Yank she’d have been in a different passport queue to a Brit.
    EU nationals and Brits ALWAYS have a different queue at UK airports.

    2/ No Brit would have called her a slave (pushy cow yes, a ‘c’ word yes but slave nope, thats just rubbish.

    3/ this red faced sweaty guy she speaks of did she get a gander at his passport then? No -so how does his bad manners somehow apply to all of us peasants in Britanistan then? He could have been another yank even.

    And finally may I cordially say if she has any issues with us Brits then please do feel free to feck off out of our country and back to whatever cr4phole you call home. We have enough race botherers of our own without you, so please sod not incondiderably off. Finally your famous for what? Nope never heard of you.

  2. As an American she would have been in a different queue to UK Citizens and Members of the EU. It is probable therefore, that the man who called her a ho (an American expression) was an American also. Does that change things?

  3. Let’s look at the racial glass as half-full;

    Maybe the guy was a department store Santa and with the Christmas displays already going up in some stores (Brown Thomas Dublin) he was just practising.

    You know: HO, HO, HO…….Mery Christmas to you, young African- American visitor, HO HO , HO!

    Sounds like a reasonable scenario to me.

  4. Sounds made up to me.

    But if it’s true then the British state and Mayor of London ought to target the culprit without mercy – extradite the queue jumper back to face justice I say.

  5. Oh so now this non entity is claiminng it happened at an airport in Spain.
    Still claiming the red faced sweaty man was a Brit though.

    I still say Bollox.

    Even in Spain there is no way a Yank and an EU citizen should be in the same passport queue.

    How then if this incident is supposed to be in Spain can she be sure that a Brit was involved. And that somehow reflects on all us peons in Britanistan..yeah that’ll be more bollox.

    No Brit would call her ‘slave’ or ‘Kunte Kinte’ thats not a term of abuse a Brit would typically use. Even allowing for her defective hearing of Kunte…:)

    I call self publicising bullshit on this entire story.

    May I also be the umpteenth to criticise this pushy ar4se for jumping a queue in the first place….

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