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Well I suggest you file this under stating the bleedin’ obvious!

Reports kept under wraps by Labour showing that immigrants who came to Britain from Romania and Bulgaria had low education levels and were more likely to claim out-of-work benefits are to be released for the first time by ministers. The figures are contained in five separate controversial studies commissioned by the last Labour government but never published – amid claims the party wanted to avoid a damaging row about its record before last year’s general election.

Ministers accused Labour of a “disturbing cover up” and promised to publish the reports – which cost the taxpayer a total of £165,000 and have now been seen by The Sunday Telegraph – in full within days.The documents also contain revelations that immigrants from all countries into Britain are more likely to be out of work than the native population – and are less likely to engage in any form of “civic participation.” More than one third of London’s population, moreover, has now been born outside the UK.

I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding here. These reports will have brought a warm glow to Labour whose radical multicultural agenda was aimed at bringing about such perverse demographics.

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2 thoughts on “LET ‘EM IN…

  1. But Labour has kept these reports under wraps. If they were proud of this multicultural mayhem they would surely have told one and all of their success.

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