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A cigarette vending machine

The Health Nazis are so busy these days and once again they know best and so they BAN things;

The sale of tobacco from vending machines has been banned in England, with anyone caught selling cigarettes in machines facing a fine of £2,500. The Department of Health said the ban had been introduced to prevent under-age sales to children and to support adults who were trying to quit. The rest of the UK is expected to implement a similar ban next year. Some pub landlords say it is a further threat to a livelihood that has already been damaged by the smoking ban. But Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation have welcomed the move.

It seems to me that IF Government and its agencies really think tobacco such a bad thing, BAN IT and be done.

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4 thoughts on “NANNY KNOWS BEST…

  1. “Well down to your usual standards.”

    Why thank you. I’m embarrassed by all these compliments!

  2. I don’t understand the logic of banning tobacco vending machines in pubs, where the customers are generally adults.

    I could see them being outlawed in public places where youth could use them. In Bermuda, I saw a cigarette machine in the hallway of the Hamilton Princess hotel years ago, and was very surprised to see it. It has been removed.

    In Japan, cigarette vending machines are common on the sidewalks!

    Also beer vending machines on the sidewalk ( check out a young child buying a can of beer for her dad! )

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