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In this dis-United Kingdom, our troubles are many and varied. We have a Tory Party in coalition with the limp lettuce heads of the Lib-Dems, which shows that the ‘compromise’ style of Government so beloved of those Liberals gets the worst of both worlds as a result. We see massive, truly massive. increases in our fuel bills because the Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne has embraced the loony idea of ‘windmill power’ as a foundation of British energy policy, along with the hugely-expensive Climate Change Law, which will cost us hundreds of millions of pounds, whilst not altering the world’s CO2 levels one iota. We see the menacing shades of Europe threatening our financial industries with their ‘Tobin Taxes’, despite those same industries warning that they can up sticks tomorrow if they wished, and take all their money and jobs with them.

We see the Defences of this once-proud Island Nation depleted, because we must save money, whilst planning to send ever more cash abroad to bolster other dictators with Swiss accounts. We scrap the hardware, fifteen years before we have replacement ships or aircraft! We see the truly lunatic policies of the last Labour Government embraced by this Government, such as the Harman ‘Equality’ laws, whilst we cannot even rid ourselves of convicted foreign plotters and criminals.

We hear mutterings of ‘revolts’ over Europe, but all we get are ‘pats-on-heads’, and more- ever more European integration.

We are promised jam tomorrow, when all we hear are the fatuous claims of ‘weekly bins being emptied’ of ‘more food waste to be recycled’.

When, oh when, will we ever see a Government which speaks for British people?

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