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The fecklessness of the Irish Central Banking system is exposed here ; 

“As the country went into economic meltdown, the Central Bank threw a €115,000 party for its employees, the Irish Independent has learned.

Ironically, it was celebrating the anniversary of the euro and the setting up of the Financial Regulator’s office.

In April 2008, at the same time as the Central Bank was issuing gloomy forecasts about the downturn which was about to hit, it organised the celebratory bash in the RDS for 1,000 guests.

The cost of the party meant that the Central Bank’s spend on entertainment that year rose to €155,000, over six times higher than it had been the previous year.”

You just couldn’t make it up. All those involved should be sacked for their gross decadence even as they participated in the demise of their country’s economy.

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One thought on “THE SHAME OF THE STATE…

  1. I realise the following article is a bit off the banking subject, but talk about the feckless Irish people. When are they going to rebel against a government, which allows this:

    Bosnian family earning over $121,000 on welfare in Ireland!

    Unemployed couple with four children takes home $2,385 a week for doing nothing

    An unemployed married couple from Bosnia, with four children, is taking home over $121,000 (€90,000) per year in welfare checks.

    The couple, who live in Dublin, takes home $2,385 (€1,763) per week.

    Labour Party Senator Jimmy Harte has called for a cap on the amount of social welfare payments a family can receive. Harte received the information about this family from the Department of Social Protection officials. He says that $68,000 (€50,000) is more than enough for one family per year.
    Harte said “The family are doing nothing illegal but the system is wrong when a couple are able to receive €90,000 [$121,000] per year for doing nothing. I don’t think this sort of payment is acceptable in the good times, never mind the bad times we find ourselves in now.

    There are married couples in this country with two good jobs, working very hard and are not receiving anything like this.

    “As well as receiving €90,000 [$121,000] , they will not have to pay property tax or water charges.

    That is just wrong.

    “You would need to be earning close to €140,000 [$190,000] to take that sort of money home after tax.

    He added “This is a Dublin-based family but I know there are families in other counties receiving up to €85,000 [$115,000]. They won’t take in as much in rent allowance but they are still entitled to all the other payments.”

    Harte has now sent this information to Joan Bruton, the Irish Minister for Social Protection.
    He explained that he holds no personal grudge against the family. However, he wants a “root and branch” search of all families on social welfare and calls for a cap on the amount of payments they can receive.

    The Department of Social Protection’s figures are as follows:

    ~ Father’s disability allowance — $ 435.65 (€322)
    ~ Guardian’s pension for child taken in — $386.95 (€286)
    ~ Rent supplement — $373.42 (€276)
    ~ Mother’s carer’s allowance — $514 (€380 )
    ~ Child benefit — $389.69 (€288)
    ~ Daughter (17 years) special needs — $285 (€211)

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