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In case you have been hiding under a rock recently – no intended reference to the alleged racist rock in Texas  cited in the post below  and in the Washington Post over the weekend, President Obama is up for reelection in 2012.

Recently released photos  show President Obama in cahoots  with the racist black supremacy group, the New Black Panthers….in 2007!  This is the same group that was photographed and videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia  polling place in 2008 – the same New Black Panthers sued for voter intimidation….and then later let off the legal hook by President Obama’s Department of Justice.  (Justice, my foot!  How about our Thug-in-Chief!)

So – Democrat President Obama appeared and marched with the racist New Black Panthers in 2007 – – see here for  photos, video and documentation.  Whereas, Republican Presidential candidate Perry  signed a lease on a ranch property  that might have had a rock on it, a rock decorated with a racial epithet, no evidence available, just “anonymous” reports.

Which is story is more newsworthy?  You decide.   Which story will be highlighted by the lamestream media?  I’ll bet on the Perry alleged racist rock faux- scandal.

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19 thoughts on “Campaign Relevance

  1. The Perry story is being highlighted by Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and National Review (3 titans of conservative media). Perry’s campaign has already commented on the accuracy of the story in terms of the existence of a rock wit hthe particular name on it – claiming his family painted it over (and I believe they would have – he doesn’t striek me as some overt racist). But it is certainly is pretty newsworthy.

    AS for the Obama “marching” with the Black Panthers story, it looks a bit fishy to me. I’ll wait to see how that develops.

  2. “Which is story is more newsworthy? ”

    I’d say, for a Conservative Christian, having something writ on tablets of stone does give it certain importance.

  3. Some stories of note, under-reported by the Lame Stream Media:

    Tea Party grass roots movement – Lame streamers still debating whether or not the movement is “grass roots” and/or racist. LOL!

    Solyndra – finally the Solyndra story has broken through to some degree but what is missing is a round-up of other Obama Administration “greeen Jobs” and the graft and corruption involved. This is a huge under-reported scandal.

    Gibson Guitar – hounded by the Fed, this story is pretty much ignored by the Lame Stream.

    ATF Gun Running – finally broken through but considering the level of corruption the media is still AWOL.

    Egypt/Libya and other Arab-Spring countries – hmmm…..can anyone say Islamic FUndamentalist? does this look a little like the French Revolution to anyone? a little guillotine to go with that Democracy?

    Anyone up for more Michael Jackson coverage? or, Perry and the Racist Rock coverage? Amanda Knox?

  4. FO: it’s true that many marched but that doesnt make Obama’s actions any better. From Big Government:

    “What Media Matters doesn’t want to tell you is what Adams’s book reveals: that the New Black Panthers were there to support Obama, and said so earlier that day while Obama listened and smiled; that the Panthers shadowed him, left the march with him, and raised black power salutes over his head; and that Shabazz claimed he spoke with Obama.”

  5. Noel,

    As to be expected, you don’t seem to know the difference between a tablet, a rock or a hard place. 🙂

  6. It’s a non-story but this might not be. It looks as though the NYPD may have to deal with ex-USMC instead of macing girls and attacking students armed with cameras.


    (SALEM, Ore.) – The protesters on Wall Street will soon have the protection of United States Marines who will form a human wall between the crowds of tireless protesters and the increasingly unpopular New York cops who continue to appear on YouTube in scenes that twist the insides of patriotic Americans.

    Michael Hayne, a Comedian and Columnist who has contributed to NY Times Laugh Lines, guest-blogged for Joe Biden, and writes a column for MSNBC.com affiliated Cagle, wasn’t joking when he related the information this weekend on the Website Addicting Info.

    The news is welcome, particularly as people continue to learn more about Wall Street and New York City and the nature of the people in the upper echelons. Not only have Americans watched the players on Wall Street shove the nation’s future into their wallets, but there are more specific reasons that the police are behaving in a corrupt manner, they’re being paid off by groups like JPMorgan Chase, which recently donated:

    “… an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple.” -JPMorgan Chase

    Strengthen security? This is a war against people who are utilizing their constitutional rights. –

  7. All that has been exposed, Mahons, is that FO gets his/her talking points from Soros’ Media Matters – and that you approve.

    24/7, the galley slave interns at Media Matters work to hide, or shade if they can’t hide, the truth from the American people: Barack Obama is a failed President – incompetent and thuggish, all at once.

  8. Perry recently suggested our military should invade Mexico and we’re concerned with a thirty year old slur painted on a rock sitting in a hunting lease owned by some minor Christian children’s charity in bumfuck Texas?

    No wonder this country is in the shitter.

  9. The race card is the only card Obama has to play, he can’t run on his record.

    As for Perry he’s a zero in my book, but I will point out that I find it funny that there can be such a uproar about a Republican candidate who went to a hunting camp named nigger head, but no uproar over Obama sitting in a church almost every Sunday where the preacher on a regular basis condemned both the US and attacked Jews, plus no big deal in the main stream media about Obama and Ayers.

    If you get caught up in the hypocrisy of this conversation except to point out the hypocrisy, your the type of voter all party’s want. Dumb and shearable

  10. This particular card is being played by Romney and Cain.

    There was an uproar over Reverand Wright.

    The media and sensible people saw the Ayers connection as tenuous.

    I think the President’s spokesman was fair to Perry.

  11. yes tenuous, served on 4 boards with him, lived on the same street, and launched his political career in Ayers living room. Very tenuous indeed

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