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A former director of the Alzheimer’s Society in Northern Ireland has been appointed the province’s first Commissioner for Older People. Claire Keatinge will take up her £60,000 post on November 14. Stormont  First Minister Peter Robinson said with the exception of Wales, nowhere else in Europe had a Commissioner of this type.

See how the Nanny Statist mindset works? Robinson actually boasts about setting up a NEW Quang0! He thinks it is great and at a cool £60,000 in  a recession, I am sure Ms Keatinge will appreciate his largesse. So we now have a Children’s Commissioner and an Older People’s Commissioner? How about a middle-aged Person’s Commissioner? I feel I am being discriminated about, my feelings are hurt….please Peter….it would be a first for Northern Ireland.

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9 thoughts on “MORE NANNY….ALWAYS.

  1. There may be a need. A lot of elder folks are abused or are not given their rights and their plight is often not taken up as strongly as the rights of children. But they are quite often as vunerable. I’d have to know more about the program, but it isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

  2. For gawd sake mahons how many commissioners does a small place like this need? Human rights commissioner, childrens commissioner…we’ve at least 9 or 10….and we’ve only the population of greater manchester.

  3. Kateyo – For a small bunch you have a lot of problems. But seriously, I don’t know what the office entials or if it is redundant to existing services in which case it may very well be unnecessary. But I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand.

  4. “For a small bunch you have a lot of problems”

    For a big bunch the same could be said of you…

    Seriously no one knows what it entails least of all those that dreamed up this job for this excellent salary. Money that could be spent on services for the elderly will go to proping up some gal in an office with a phone trying to look busy for the money.

  5. Oh great, more glossy brochures and photos of a quango-crat standing beside an old person in a care home.

  6. If the role had real clout – such as being able to order on the spot immediate inspections of council homes and hospitals AND having the power to take real action including sacking those responsible for or carrying out abusive or neglectfull behaviour towards elderly people in their care, then and only then might the position have merit. If however the commissioner is nothing more than a powerless talking head then yes it’s a waste of £60,000

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