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Separated at birth?

One of this is a space traveller, the other is a Time Lord….


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7 thoughts on “MICHAEL D AND DR WHO?

  1. Nice one, Keteyo.
    I remember he used to complain the Br. Govt wanted to make him jump through hoops.

  2. Are you not watching vinny B noel? I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it on line, but from what I can gather from twitter vinny has this debate on fire…

  3. Higgins……..A slimy Socialist icon, indeed.

    The effect would be better if he were taller, however.

    Now he’s just an iconic smarmy, castrated Leprechaun with a squeaky contralto voice.

    Considering the Socialists and Sinn Fein are ideologically joined at the hip, maybe Michaeleen will become Martin’s pleasure boy.

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