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Protesters on Dame Street last night

Ireland likes to copy the US, always has, always will!

“They haven’t quite worked out yet what their protest is about or how long they intend to stay. But protesters at an Irish tented village in the style of New York’s ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement have said there are no plans to bring it to an end or limit its size. The camp, which sprang up outside Dublin’s Central Bank last Saturday, appeared to be without any specific focus other than a general demonstration against political and economic conditions inIreland. Organisers say it has not been driven by any political group but is merely a collection of concerned citizens coordinated through Facebook. Last night a crowd of about 30 people gathered in an open meeting to decide on the wording of ‘demands’. The IMF, oil and gas resources, debt forgiveness and political reform were all proposed as elements of inclusion in the demonstration. About 12 tents make up the ‘Occupy Dame Street’ site, which so far has encountered no official obstruction from either gardai or the Central Bank.”

Most Irish people are too busy trying to hold down a job and get on with their lives but these tented cranks prefer to pollute the area around Dame Street.

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5 thoughts on “OCCUPY DAME STREET..

  1. Yea, the Micks think it’s “cool” to act like Yanks.

    It all started with their love affair with Budweiser beer back in the 1970’s. I could never figure that out.

    How a country that had good (65-degree fahreheit/18-degree Celsius) Guinness and a fair Smithwicks ale fall for that frozen piss made out of rice, I’ll never know.

    From there it went on to McDonalds, Levi (over-priced) jeans, pick-up trucks, line dancing, SUV’s and failing to indicate at roundabouts.

    The big mistake was back in the early 2000’s, the Irish ALL thought they could live the lives of the Texas Ewing clan.

    Now the bottom has dropped out and the politicians, bankers and developers have beat it out of the country with all their loot the punters are living more like the Clampetts, B.O. (Before Oil).

  2. Yea, the Micks think it’s “cool” to act like Yanks.

    True, the silly, gullible fools.

    Almost as bad as blindly following them into two wasteful wars! tsk tsk

  3. The Irish go to war, especially to keep the world safe from the Islamic hoards who intend to bring the entire world under Shariah law and exterminate the infidels such as the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the Christian Kurds in Iraq.

    Jaysus Sarah ya must be codding me.

    The Irish are an impotent breed. It’s only when their genes are strained through several generations of American warfighters that they turn into fierce fighters the likes of Audie Murphy and General George Custer.

    Most likely the only skirmish the Irish “Defence” forces will be committed to is the fight to keep Mick Wallace’s hair from invading Wales.

    Maybe they can make up for the thumping the Irish rugby team suffered at the behest of the Red Dragons.

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