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This is great stuff.

Tom Woods is interviewed on Freedomain Radio in a session which freewheels around the OWC crowd and how they misdirect their protests. Woods is a historian, economist, senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the author of what is still the clearest and most credible explanation for our economic catastrophe. I love these kind of discussions which enlighten and entertain. It’s packed full of great analogies and killer lines which I’ll shamelessly use. Put the kettle on and do likewise.

(I’m not sure what that sci-fi picture’s about; there’s just the discussion when you click to play)

The state would have strangled the internet at birth if it knew where it would lead, of that I have no doubt. As states take control and steadily regulate what you can access there’ll be a day when this kind of thing will be restricted – for your own good of course.

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  1. I’d accept Mr. Woods as a scholar and the Ludwig von Miese Institute as an institution of learning in the same way I would accept Bugs Bunny as Carmen Miranda.

    The fact is we have a very very very mixed bag of protest junkies, professional malcontents, simpletons, earnest true believers and the unwashed parading about lower Manhattan with little purpose or impact other than attention seeking.

  2. In NYC the ” occupation ” includes a group of bongo players who put on a really swell bongo drum concert at the Church St end of the park every late afternoon

    Every day, this is what they do. A triumph of the human spirit. Or something.

  3. Mahons –

    Anyone would accept Bugs Bunny as Carmen Miranda before accepting Obama as credible at anything. Did you ever feel a twinge of regret at being taken in by him?

    Don’t be sidetracked, by the way. I recommend you watch a thoroughly learned and entertaining discussion.

  4. Pete – I don’t feel taken in by Obama since I don’t fall for politicians like teenage girls fall for rock stars (do you have a Ron Paul poster in your bedroom?). When voting I usually choose the least bad option which I still believe Obama to have been when compared with McCain. Obama has accomplished some things well, failed in other areas and pursued the status quo in still other areas.

    The discussion you offer on youtube, all due respect, interests me not. I make that judgment based on the source (not you personally, but the “Institute” and its ilk.).

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