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It seems as though we not only have to worry about being blown sky-high by a bunch of Muslims, we also now have to contemplate the Sikhs as well!


Once you let the bastards in, they want the whole nine yards as well!

The violent clashes only ended at around 6pm when managers at the centre caved in to the mob’s demands and agreed to stop the sale of meat and alcohol.

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14 thoughts on “The ‘Fuzzy-Wuzzies’ are back!

  1. With all due regards, you are not thinking, Mike. The Sikhs stormed their own community centre, not any part of Britain outside that. The Sikhs, who are probably the single largest ethnic community from South Asia in Britain, have been scrupulously assiduous in integrating with the mores of their adopted land. They have been proud members of Britain’s army, have contributed to her social and economic life, and played active parts in her mainstream politics and in her cricket. Very few of them, if any, scrounge on benefits – they either work or provide work through the businesses they run.

    If you have to use the word “bastard” in the context of Sikh-British interactions, please reserve that for a General Dyer, for what he did about a century ago.

  2. Mike if you wish to delete this post, we will do our best to never mention it again.

    Do it before it is too late. It is most certainly not your finest posting…

  3. Mumbai_Indian sums up very well the role that Sikhs have played in this country.

    This is a poor post. I echo Ernest Young’s comment.

  4. Was this community centre something that they funded, or was it a government funded facility?

    Either way, it is grossly stupid and insenitive to have alcohol in such a place.

  5. “Phantom, on October 12th, 2011 at 5:31 pm Said:
    Was this community centre something that they funded, or was it a government funded facility?”

    Either way, it is grossly stupid and insenitive to have alcohol in such a place.

    They don’t seem to have a problem selling it [Alcohol] though .. do they?

  6. Phantom, on October 12th, 2011 at 6:04 pm Said:

    In shops? I guess not.

    “I don’t necessarily see that as inconsistent.”

    I guess not?

  7. The Sikhs as far as I know don’t claim to be a universal religion nor do they prosletyze as far as I know

    So it makes sense that they’d not have a problem with others doing their own thing.

  8. another example of why a lot of us Brits find religious extremeism /extremeists of any faith profoundly disturbing. Tolerance is a two way street.

  9. Selling booze in the community centre of a group that can’t drink is disrespectful

    So how come none of yiz Brits can tell me if this is either a private or a government facility?

    If it’s private, it’s an attack on their own community

    If it’s government funded place, it’s an attack on the entire society.

    The issue is framed differently depending on the answer.

    How come you locals don’t know this?

  10. Phantom –

    Here you go.

    It’s a community centre governed by trustees built in part with taxpayer money. It seems there’s some sikh inter-faction rivalry behind it. In short, there was a party and the trustees were happy that meat and alcohol were being served.

    A bunch of sikh zealots didn’t like it so turned up from all over Britain and had a ruck.

  11. I hope that all rioters are prosecuted with a firm hand, and that not one taxpayer penny is spent to rebuild what they themselves chose to destroy

    I don’t see why any taxpayer money should be going to any ethnic or religious facilities anyway. Maybe the fake Conservative PM can give a speech on that one.

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