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What goes around; comes around!

By Mike Cunningham On October 14th, 2011


It is a truth, especially about politicians of the Labour strain, that they place their friends in positions of authority, so their plans and plots may be fulfilled after they have  been thrown out of office themselves. So it was with the Charities Commission, under the female pit-viper Dame Suzi Leather. Under her misguidance, the Commission set out to change the whole scale of the Independent and Private Schools of this country. Because of her twisted ideals, they were in danger of losing their tax-exempt status because they would not alter their alter their selection methods, or give many more free places to ‘underprivileged kids’.

But after a long and costly battle yesterday judges at the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery) Chamber, a division of the High Court stated that it was the Schools who had the right to determine their own policies, and not the Charities Commission.

So how do you like them apples, Dame Suzi?

4 Responses to “What goes around; comes around!”

  1. It’s remarkable that you choose to post on this minor story on the same day that the Liam Fox has resigned due to serious questions about his conduct a press witch hunt.

    For the benefit of our American friends and to make up for the strange absense of a post on ATW on what is the biggest UK political story this year: The British Secretary of State for Defence has resigned.

    It just happens that he is was the biggest Neo-Con in the government, which probably explains the silence on ATW.

  2. Dame Suzi Leather ! So that’s what became of Suzi Quatro 😉

  3. Peter,

    It is also remarkable that, for whatever reason, you refer to the resounding defeat of the Labour luvvie Leather by the Private Schools’ sector. It is not a minor story; it is a statement that we still hold, despite the many attempts of the Communist, Socialist and confiscatory clowns grouped under Labour’s flag, a few protections under the Law.

    I write when I wish to write, and David invites the ATW contributors to speak their minds on whatever subject catches their minds and imaginations. The fact that Liam Fox has shown particularly poor judgement is but a reflection of the manner in which he has conducted his Defence brief.

    Neo-Con? As far as I’m concerned he’s almost as bad as the Labour bunch before him. Surrender after surrender to the demands of a Treasury which, at the same time as supervising the vicious cuts to our Armed Forces, was agreeing with the Socialist Tendency’s Prime Minister Cameron, to extend ‘AID’ to the Swiss bank accounts of dictators and hungry Corporations around the world!

  4. It doesn’t seem to me unreasonable that is a school benefits from charitable status that it should actually be a charity and do things that charities do.
    Offering discounted prices to the offspring of the already wealthy doesn’t seem to cut it. Nor does opening their playing fields up to local schools during the holidays.
    It is hard to see what exactly these schools do to justify their status. They get the benefits without actually having to do very much for it.

    I agree that the lack of a post on Liam Fox was, how shall we put it, interesting.