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It seems that the Irish Government is determined to keep Ireland mired in recession;

Income tax, public sector pay and basic social welfare rates will remain untouched in the December Budget. The Government has convinced the EU/IMF that it can hit next year’s bailout targets without making changes in the three key areas. The news will be presented as a political victory since the Fine Gael/Labour Coalition has publicly vowed to protect all three areas. But some €4bn of savings will still have to be found in the Budget, and are likely to come from a range of stealth taxes and spending cuts.

It’s not a victory, it’s a defeat. Cutting public sector pay and reducing Welfare is essential if Ireland is to restore financial probity but it seems that the Coalition lacks the courage to take these tough decisions so instead they present their failure as a victory and hope the media will buy it as such. In this way, the poor suckers in the electorate are taken for fools proving that one cannot trust politicians the moment their lips start moving.

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2 thoughts on “NARNIA ECONOMICS..

  1. Strange as it may seem, Sinn Fein is a factor in all of this.

    FineGael can’t move on cuts without agreement with Labour. Labour is, however, currently in fierce competition with SF for the electorate in certain Dublin working-class suburbs and elsewhere, and SF is just waiting to pounce if Lab is seen to betray its working class origins.

    The result is do nothing.

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