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On This Day…

By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006

1871 – British police begin their policy of a ‘rogues gallery’, taking photographs of convicted prisoners.

1917 – The UK issues the Balfour Declaration on the future of Palestine, which promotes the idea of a national Jewish homeland in the Middle East.

1950 – Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, who penned classics such as Pygmalion and Saint Joan, dies at the age of 94.

1954 – The first radio episode of Hancock’ Half Hour is broadcast by the BBC.

1960 – In Britain, Penguin publishers are cleared of obscenity for printing the D.H.Lawrence novel ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’.

1964 – The first episode of Crossroads in broadcast on ITV.

4 Responses to “On This Day…”

  1. Anybody else remember watching the First episode of Crossroads?

  2. Mad

    Are you just trying to lay claim to the title of the oldest spider on this tangled web 😉

  3. Mad,

    Two words – Amy Turtle!

  4. David,
    FYI: Google still brings up the old site when you search for a tangled web. Don’t hide your new light under a bushel.