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Do…say, not……do!

By Mike Cunningham On October 23rd, 2011

When the leader of a Left-wing outfit called the Intergenerational Foundation called for older people to move out of their four- and five-bedroomed homes, he was of course speaking both from the heart and from personal experience. He just knows that, with a certain amount of tax-incentive, and the removal of Stamp Duty on their next purchase, thousands of elderly people would voluntarily upsticks and let younger families move in.

Oh, hang on just a minute, he wasn’t speaking from personal knowledge, or anything like it, he just wanted most old people to get out of their big houses, but not ALL OLD PEOPLE, of course!

2 Responses to “Do…say, not……do!”

  1. This fellow’s parents live by themselves in a five bedroom house! Yuo’d think he was trying to tell them something, but actually he lives nearby with his family in another big house. “One rule for us, another for them”

  2. One step towards a Cuba solution where houses were seen as a state asset, and people were forced to share their homes with others.

    It is noted that the UK has an illegal alien population. Evict all of them, and you will alleviate housing pressure somewhat.