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Here’s another example of how perverted the Human Rights Industry really is;

Dr Mohammed Kassim Al-Byati was employed by the Iraqi Intelligence Agency, which was responsible for torturing a number of Iraqis during the dictator’s rule. He has been living in Britain since 2000 and has allegedly worked at a number of NHS hospitals.

In 2007, the UK Border Agency rejected Dr Al-Byati’s claim for asylum after he revealed his part in Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime.

Four years later, it is claimed that immigration officials have been forced to extend his stay in Britain for at least six months as they struggle to deport him.

Iraqi officials have told the UKBA that sending him home would endanger his life,

And if it does, WHY is that our concern? This is an issue for Iraqis, but they are quite happy to try and dodge it.

This torturer-in-chief does not merit retention in the UK. He should be placed on the next cargo flight to Baghdad and let him get on with it. If we accept that any on-the-run convict/criminal can claim the right to stay in the UK on the spurious basis that his home Nation seek to bring him to justice, then we may as well pack up tent  and accept that we have no meaningful control of our borders. Hang on a second..that would seem to be exactly the case and the Coalition has proven as useless as Labour.

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4 thoughts on “TORTURERS WELCOME…

  1. “This torturer-in-chief does not merit retention in the UK. ”

    What’s more, I believe even one of the Grand Inquisitors from Guatanamo Bay is now living in the UK.

  2. “Not remotely the same thing”

    Let’s say: not exactly the same thing.

    The difference is one of degree, and who can doubt that Cheney and his willing helpers were kept back from Saddam-stype torture by anything other than the risk of being caught out in a media society and a country that is otherwise subject to the rule of law, things that Sadaam didn’t have to contend with.

    How Cheney must have envied him. After all, he did organise delivery of suspects to other countries where this kind of torture was carried out.

  3. Cheney is truly one of the good guys in this entire affair.

    Though I suspect our view may not align completely on that one.

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