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Well, I watched the final debate of the campaign for the Irish Presidency last evening and if EVER there was an argument  for a constitutional Monarchy, this was it. Talk about the Seven Dwarfs. We all know who Grumpy is (Hello McGuinness) but the rest made me dozy.

Before last night. Sean Gallagher was the front runner. An alleged “Independent” everyone knows he is the Fianna Fail man. Gallagher led the polls by quite a margin, with Michael. D. Higgins a close second. Dropping back quite a bit into third place was Provo Godfather Mandela McGuinness. The rest are totally irrelevant.

But Gallagher came a real cropper last night. Or at least I think so. He was ambushed by Martin McGuinness and for once McGuinness had a point; You can read the details here. In essence, Gallagher appeared to show less than desired probity when it came to collecting cheques in brown evelopes. Fianni Fail roots showing!

My conclusion is that Gallagher is not fit to be President based on what I observed. But then again, nor are any of the rest. Higgins appeared somewhat Statesmanlike but then again I recall his hatred towards Israel and so I cannot support the idea that he might win.

The answer is obvious; the next Irish head of State should be…Her Majesty the Queen. I’m all for inclusivity after all..

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31 thoughts on “THE RACE FOR THE ARAS

  1. Sean Gallagher’r rise in the polls has been truly astonishing: with scarcely any public profile, no party officially behind him and until very recently he hadn’t even started campaigning. He quickly topped the polls and finally had something like a 10 point lead over “close second” Higgins.
    This was too much, and the daggers had to come out. There is, however, nobody in Ireland that can attack and hurt Sinn Fein like Fianna Fail, and if MmG is looking for a fight, he’s come to the right place. Unionists at any rate should be pleased at this latest turn.
    Both candidates need transfers and would normally be natural sources of mutual transfer benefits. However, because both are also so high in the polls, the prospect of early transfers is remote and they can accordingly attack each other now more freely.

  2. She would be welcome to run. The term is seven years but the house and the wages are smaller than what she is used to.

  3. Shouldn’t Bono be elected President for Life? Assuming it won’t interfere with his duties as First Citizen of the World.

  4. I have to admit any English monarchist would find plenty of ammunition for their case in our Presidential election. Just like hereditary throws up the occasional dud so does democracy. If Sean Gallagher gets in we will have a big-eared thicko with strange views as our next head of state. At least he should get on with your next King.

  5. Ireland is the UK’s closest neighbour, so if we became a republic then our presidential elections would be similar to their’s so I am guessing that a UK presidential election would feature:

    Duncan Bannatyne, Lulu, David Copeland, Peter Tatchell, Michael Portillo, Camilla Batmanghildjh & Ming Campbell.

    Mind you at least six of those are preferable to Prince Charles.

  6. What on earth have you got against Her Majesty to even suggest she enters a snakepit full of vipers like Mandela McGuinness (I like the name). I mean to say, as she’s had to put up with weasels like Tony Blair, she could eat the bunch of Prez-hopefuls for breakfast, but at her age, even the very thought of taking on Ireland as well as the United Kingdom makes me blink!

  7. “the next Irish head of State should be…Her Majesty the Queen”

    Does Liz Windsor actually have any opinions or policies on anything other than dog food and hats?

    Try as I might I can’t recall her speaking her mind on any subject. If you put her in a debate with, erm, Dana then she’d come off second best 🙂

  8. David,

    Which Dana would surely win. Mind you, I haven’t heard Liz in a debate, have you?

  9. I think if Liz two were to be in a debate with any of the latest offerings there is a strong chance she’d beat the crap out of them, that is one woman who has spent a lifetime never putting a foot wrong, even the appalling shower she gave birth to can’t take that away from her.

    As for our lot, I’ll keep Mary two for another seven. Or anyone but McGuinness no one should have to stoop that low.

  10. pippakiner,

    Liz “is one woman who has spent a lifetime never putting a foot wrong”

    Agreed. A lifetime wearing handmade shoes can give one that edge 🙂

    But can you point me to an occasion when she’s argued her corner? Or shared her ideas and policies (if any). Dana and the other candidates have done so, in varying degrees of proficiency.

  11. She did a pretty eloquent job on the recent visit to Ireland. That was a nifty bit of diplomacy. I’d think that the improvement of relations between the peoples / countries was clearly one of her policies.

    Due to the position she holds, she can’t argue for it verbally, not like the rest of us might. She argued for it ceremonially, and didn’t do a half bad job.

  12. Richard Clinton

    Her achievement is not saying anything under what anyone would surely agree has been some of the most extreme provocation. The closest she came to it, as far as I know, was when some indication of her like/dislike of Thatcher was leaked to the papers.

  13. Richard

    Do you think the Queen stays dumb in all of the thousands of private meetings and gatherings she has attended in her almost 60 years on the throne meeting and discussing current affairs with more 20th century prominent individuals than probably anyone else on earth. Just because she isn’t in a position to have public slanging matches on Question Time or Jerry Springer doesn’t mean she is incapable of arguing her views. It’s pretty daft to claim she is only capable of waving her handbag and smiling.

  14. There is, however, nobody in Ireland that can attack and hurt Sinn Fein like Fianna Fail, and if MmG is looking for a fight, he’s come to the right place

    Gay, FG and the southern media have given it their best shot and they may have dented him but to be fair it wasn’t a fight. If Gallagher and FF wanted a fight they’ve left it rather late, theres a moratorium on this thing come tomorrow at 2pm – they’d need to be quick…

    No releasing the Oliver family statement through Gallaghers support network was his best shot this late in the game. From here on in its campaigning only. This is all over but the voting, and I wouldn’t rule out McGuinness beating those polls, perhaps not to win, but imv he’ll do well..

  15. Good radio show, the late debate on radio 1. mary lou on defending SF’s position on when they knew about this cheque….

  16. Colm,

    “It’s pretty daft to claim she is only capable of waving her handbag and smiling.”

    I agree, and am still waiting for somebody to give me an example of her capabilities that shows she’s more capable than, say, Michael D. Higgins.

    You see, I was wondering why David Vance likened the presidential candidates to the Seven Dwarfs. That strikes me as being a gratuitous insult.

    But if we run with the analogy, we can see Liz as Snow White. Each of the candidates worked for their positions, just like the Dwarfs. Liz, on the other hand, was born into hers and, like Snow White, went on to marry a prince, a man likewise born into privilege.

    Give me the Dwarfs any day 🙂

  17. Richard – nice play on the fairy tale (and I mean no disrespect to Mr. Norris by that comment).

    Look not every election everywhere produces great candidates all the time, sometimes you get stuck with the lesser of a few evils choice.

  18. Richard

    Here’s why.

    1, One is a terrorist godfather.
    2. One is a quango queen
    3. One is a Eurovision singer
    4. One is a Israeli-hating Anti American leftist
    5. One seems a bit stary eyed
    6. One is dullness personified
    7. One seems to like €5000 filled envelopes.

    Seven dwarfs may be offensive.
    To dwarfs.

  19. David,

    Oh, so none of the seven has any redeeming features in your eyes?

    I hear Specsavers have an interesting offer on bifocals 🙂

  20. “2. One is a quango queen”

    If there were more like Norris in it, surely David’s post would have to read: THE RACE FOR THE ARSE:

  21. @Noel C.

    I would imagine that Unionists care as much about the President of the Republic of Ireland as they do about the President of Bolivia.
    In the immortal words of Paul Daniels….’Not a Lot’.

  22. JM,

    “I would imagine that Unionists care as much about the President of the Republic of Ireland as they do about the President of Bolivia.”

    True. Which is why so many of us talk/write/blog/bitch ad nauseam about the former 😉

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