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Did you see that  Britain’s population will soar by the equivalent of a city the size of Leeds every year for the next decade, according to  official figures.

Revised statistics show numbers rising at a sustained pace not matched for 100 years. And the main factor behind the increase is immigration. The projections  suggest that, in just over 30  years, Britain will overtake  Germany as the most populous country in Europe. All estimates produced two years ago have been revised heavily upwards in a report published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics. Over the next ten years, the population is expected to rise annually by 491,000. Leeds’s current total is 486,000.

This massive growth in our population is the direct consequence of years of an immigration policy which has in effect turned the UK into welfare central.

3 MILLION people have com here since 1997 and it is these people having children which is increasing our population. In turn this is pressurising the NHS, and having a profound change in our demographics. The multicultists have caused irreparable damage to our Nation and yet they turn round and deny all culpability.

The indigenous UK birth-rate is below replacement level so there is a fundamental change underway and yet the implications of such are not being discussed. Perhaps Tower Hamlets gives us a glimpse into the future. It’s in the middle of our Capital city, London. More than 36% of its inhabitants are Muslim and it has the fastest growing population in London. These facts are not unrelated.

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20 thoughts on “THAT POPULATION BOOM

  1. Revised statistics show numbers rising at a sustained pace not matched for 100 years.

    Gosh, the experts weren’t wrong again, were they?

    Well, the Left (including the Tory Party) inflicted mass immigration on the British people on purpose. we know they did so, we know it is a cultural and ethnic war for political reasons. The British people are quite entitled, therefore, to not only stop that war but to reverse it. The Left, I’m sure, will understand.

  2. “The British people are quite entitled, therefore, to not only stop that war but to reverse it. ” What exactly are you advocating here?

  3. I would hope that Pete is advocating repatriation of non-British to their lands of ethnic origin. If he isn’t, then I shall do so. The British and Irish have the right to our own land, which is Great Britain and Ireland, and to our own racial and cultural identities. There are great efforts being made to eliminate the European peoples as racially and culturally unique and identifiable, so these efforts must be halted and reversed.

  4. Allan

    Should all those of European heritage in the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand also be repatriated back to their lands of ethnic origin ?

  5. Declan Wilson –

    I’m advocating that we sling millions out. As Allan says, we have the right to our own land and to our own racial and cultural identities.

    The Left will appreciate the irony of having their noses rubbed in anti-diversity.

  6. Where does “racial identity” begin in Britain? Are the Irish a different race? The Dutch and Germans? How about the thousands of Polish and Jews who came to Britain around WWII and certainly seem to have earned the gratitude of their hosts; are they to be slung out too?

    After all, if you are going to do something as surprising as that, you will have to define what it will entail to the people, to those who can stay and to those who have to go. So what’s the definition?

    Pete? Allan?

  7. Noel – I’d take 1997 as the datum line. As soon as Blair was elected, the population replacement program began in earnest. It has been admitted that mass immigration from the 3rd-world is intended to bring about the end of white Britain. Exactly why we should be brought to and end in our own land is not made clear but perhaps you can do better than Ignatiev and not simply state that the white race should be ended, but explain why?


    I know it’s a terrible thing to state (shocking, really shocking), but I like Britain and Europe to be white. On the other hand, I hope that, in the US, whites become a minority and the sooner the better. At least it will serve as a lesson for whites in Europe to see what would have happened to them had we not retaken OUR countries and lands.

  8. Colm – without 3rd-world immigration, the population of the British Isles would be declining gently to levels which would make the people of these islands self-sufficient in food and with a greatly-reduced burden on the environment. When the 3rd-world was set loose on these islands, they brought with them their destructive and backward breeding habits, and now these islands with so few unspoilt areas will be teeming with the 3rd-world.

    Is that a ‘good’ thing? There really is no middle ground here.

  9. Allan, I think anyone who knows Britain must love it and its people and recognise that they and their ways are worth saving. But, as Colm suggests, saving one culture does not necessarily mean getting rid of another. There are so many lies told about demographics on both sides that you can’t know what to believe, but one thing that is fairly certain is that you can’t do anything as mean as kicking out law-abiding people just becauuse of their “race” while at the same time preserving traditional British culture, because traditional British culture abhors such institutional violence.

    A Britain cleansed of all undesirable colours and cultures would be one very unhappy with itself and what it has done; it would have broken with its past much more radically than could ever be managed even by all those Pakistanis.

    There is still place for all. The only people who can save the British way of life are the British themselves, but putting up more of their own stuff and not attacking the other, but having more children and not going balistic over blacks having theirs.

  10. Noel – there was nothing wrong with a Britain which had Britons and British culture only. I don’t think that the Japanese are unhappy with their islands having only Japanese in them (a few Koreans too). If Britons were to attempt to outbreed the uninvited guests, the islands would become grossly over-populated anyway. Put simply, there is not enough room for the 3rd-world in these islands, and I don’t recall being asked whether I (meaning Britons as a whole) wanted these people here.

  11. It is very hard to feel any sympathy for the world’s greatest coloniser whenever they complain about their own country being over run.

  12. Fews – do you belong to a people? Do you have allegiance to a group of people or are you a citizen of the world? Do you believe it to be a good thing that Britain be turned into a 3rd-world cesspit and, if so, do you that there would be no consequences for you?

  13. Pete – Am i recalling things incorrectly, or haven’t you written that your wife is an immigrant to the UK?

  14. @Allan
    I presume what you mean in your first posting is-

    Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?
    Ireland is an island not a country.

  15. JM – Great Britain is an island and Ireland is an island. As you may see on re-reading, I referred correctly to both.

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