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First the facts;

Michael D Higgins will be the Republic’s ninth president after one of the most remarkable political comebacks in the history of the state. The Labour Party veteran, poet and campaigner, seized an unprecedented swing in support following the spectacular implosion of his biggest rival on live television. Mr Higgins declared his triumph was built on a left-leaning campaign while his seven-year term will be marked by..AHEM…inclusion, ideas and transformation.

Just for the record, you can read about Michael D’s anti-American Anti-Israel pro-Communist pedigree here.  He may LOOK genial but his record speaks for itself. Ireland has chosen this hard leftist as President and whilst marginally better than choosing the Provo terrorist McGuinness, this is a profoundly disappointing result.

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  1. I always thought that ‘Mickey D’ was a colloquial expression for McDonalds – you know the one – the popular takeaway! – not for some hereto unknown politician.

    Mind you that name will probably be just as approriate in this context as the original!

  2. Colm,

    Maybe in your neck of the woods, – where the ‘I’s, the ‘O’s, and the ‘U’s’ seem to get muddled on a regular basis!

  3. His rhetoric tends to be of the knee jerk variety necessary to float along in the pool of left wing Labour. I don’t doubt he is sincere and mostly well-meaning if a tad naive and selective in his worldview. However I think he is sufficiently aware of the above-it-all nature of the ceremonial office that he won’t be singing The Internationale every five minutes.

    In other years he might have been the joke candidate, but in this race among these other candidates with more baggage he was able to prevail. I wish him good luck.

  4. Terrific result and many congratulations to President elect Higgins.

    By far the strongest candidate in a mediocre (to say the least) field.

    No entry on yesterday’s British constitutional changes David?

  5. Nothing will be done about the financial heist which has ruined Ireland. The assets of the Irish nation will be looted just as thoroughly by Goldman Sachs as the Libyan sovereign wealth fund (98% lost).

    This is what these bankers do, and electing some eccentric who doesn’t get it will not save the people of the RoI.

  6. Allan@Aberdeen –

    It’s not only Goldman’s debt. For each trade, whether stocks, options or insurance cover you need a counter-party, someone on the other side. Since June I’ve strongly suspected that Goldman made a fortune on trades with Libya as the dupe taking the counter hit.

  7. whilst marginally better than choosing the Provo terrorist McGuinness, this is a profoundly disappointing result.


    Just for the record, who would you have preferred to win?

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