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Scotland’s socialist masters are back on the campaign to increase the price of alcohol! (Well, in this age of economic apocalypse now, you can see why it’s such a legislative priority, right)

Plans to reintroduce a minimum price for a unit of alcohol in Scotland are set to be announced by ministers. Official figures have suggested Scots drink more than people in other parts of the UK. A first attempt by the SNP to push through a similar price proposal failed during the last parliament. MSPs rejected the idea before the May election, but after the SNP’s majority win at that poll the fresh plan is set to become law before next summer.

This will be welcome news to any English off-licenses located near the Scottish border. Expect to see a blossoming in their numbers. Then there is the issue of on-line shopping. It appears that if one buys from leading English based supermarket chains, and since the transaction is therefore deemed to be OUTSIDE of the people’s Republic of Scotland, the higher prices will not apply. So in essence, this is a plan that can have but one outcome – damaging Scotland’s retail trade. This will appeal to the SNP which believes that the State must be almighty and therefore controlling the Private sector. setting prices…..telling people what they must do. Since Scots vote for this madness, they can’t really complain about the inevitable lost jobs it will create but frankly, to any sane person, it’s enough to drive you to drink…

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17 thoughts on “CHEERS TO THE SNP

  1. Good idea. Make it a million pounds a unit. What could possibly go wrong.

    Another wood alcohol cocktail darling? More Meths for you sir?

    Expect actual blindness cases (as well as intellectual blindness) cases to vastly increase.

  2. EP – I expect our prices will fall into line. Too much cash at stake.

    Looks like I’ll be brewing (and distilling ) my own soon then. Vodka de Sarfend…. Pack a few bottles of ‘Essex shine’ in the car should pay for a nice holiday up there in jockoland. Anyone know where I can get then ‘General Lee’ decals and some Dixey Air horns for a 2010 Nissan Note?

    Yeee hah!

  3. Since the health fascists raise their heads again, we can ask the old question again: if a minimum price for alcohol will restrict sales (which is the intended outcome) of alcohol, how does a minimum price for labour not restrict sales of labour?

  4. Scotland has an severe drinking problem. They’re a depressed population that doesn’t know how to drink, one of several such populations in Europe.

    I don’t think that this is the solution, but something must be done before the entire population is found puking in the gutters.

  5. Phantom –

    If – if – Scotland has a drinking problem it’s a problem of individuals. If it exists I suspect that being a crumbling, socialist hole where every ambition is taxed and regulated from the soul is a greater part of the problem.

    Living a life, having ambition, getting up for work, getting up to play with your children, all these are incomparably more powerful incentives to stay sober and healthy than political diktats.

  6. They do have a drinking problem. An extremely severe one. That impacts everyone there one way or the other.

    They can’t stop drinking or they can’t start drinking less because they don’t know how.

    I think that there is a role for government and civil society to help stop a population from drinking itself to death. I’ve seen the hugely helpful effect of public education campaigns against smoking from the sixties on. There has been a huge drop in smoking and these campaigns get much credit for that.

    If I lived there, or England / Ireland / Russia / etc I wouldn’t wash my hands of this issue.

    We disagree.

  7. Phantom surely thats a self correctling problem if ever I saw one.

    Excessive drinking > Premature death.
    Problem solved.

    Let Darwin fix it.

  8. What about the children in such societies?

    How are they supposed to deal with that situation among the adults all around them?

    Tell them that the free market is looking out for them?

  9. Phantom –

    The free market, invisible hand, natural incentives, yes they all look out for them.

    There is no incentive to keep your life on track like the incentive to take responsibility for yourself and get up for work in the morning.

    Where you have relatively high rates of drinking and drug use you also have high rates of welfarism. The welfarism both removes the incentive to live responsibly and also pays for the means to do yourself in.

    Statism and welfarism is wholly to blame, blighting millions in each generation and wrecking our living spaces. Look at where welfarism flourishes and you’ll see high streets disfigured with take-aways and the ugly litter they always produce. You’ll see youngsters and adults frying their brains and livers on drugs and booze.

    We can get rid of it all quite easily, by not subsidising it with looted money from the productive.

  10. Statism and welfarism is wholly to blame

    So there was no alcoholism in Scotland before the welfare state came in?

    What a fine education we’re receiving.

  11. I’ve known employed functional alcohols whose health and lives ( and those of the family ) are essentially destroyed by drink though they keep working all along. And you do too.

    The ” state ” would clearly have no involvement in such cases, even in an Austrian fantasy book. Such cases have always existed.

  12. Phantom –

    Yes, those isolated cases have always existed and always will exist because neither individuals nor society are perfectibale. To prevent such isolated cases you will have to outlaw all alcohol and impose extremely severe sentences for a tipple.

    But you referred to Scotland having a severe drinking problem, i.e. too many people drinking too much. Such situations do not just arise. Where too many are getting out of their heads too often, there is always the dead hand of welfarism crushing the soul, draining ambition and subsidising the booze and drugs.

    An iron law of economics is that when you subsidise something you get more of it. Where you reward a lie in, subsidise booze, drugs and junk food and relieve people of the personal costs of what they do you will get more of it, always.

  13. An iron law of economics is that when you subsidise something you get more of it.

    And when you tax something you get less of it.

  14. I don’t think that they’ve been isolated cases over history.

    We had a bunch of off the boat Irish / Norwegians and other Scandinavian / some Scots in my NYC area back in the day and there were many functional alcoholics among them. Not one of them were on welfare, as that was the highest disgrace, then.

    Drinking whiskey every day was not such a disgrace. Letting the kids see dad come home drunk, not so bad.

    The Scots are trying to solve this problem, and I say more power to the attempt, though price fixing is not the answer. Their alcohol culture is no good. The culture needs to change.

    BTW there are loads of functional young alocholics that I see in London too. They’re not isolated examples either.

  15. A mate has recently moved to Ayrshire (I think thats how you spell it). He said it’s the anus of Scotland. He’s looking to come back to Essex. You think Tilbury’s bad eh?

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