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SNP Scottish Parliament plans for adding a daft minimum price per unit of alcohol were thrown into disarray after Nicola Sturgeon, ‘Health Minister’, was show a map of Scotland.

After realising that there is this big stretch of land south of the border, and after being told that this land is where most of the ‘Money’ comes from, she was heard to remark, “We’ll have to build a big wall right along the border, to keep all the cheap booze out, but we’ll have to ensure openings are left so the cash can still get through.”

Scots civil servants were heard trying to tell Nicola that the wall had been tried before, only in reverse, and it hadn’t been too successful then either.

The Health Minister was then alleged to have shouted, ‘Build it, and they won’t come!”, before being led away to sulk in desolation, whilst clutching a medicinal dram.

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One thought on “‘Sfunny, I didn’t realise we were so close!

  1. Its a bit like cheap booze from Calais for those who live near an English Channel port. In the case of Scotland I would think that at least 80% of the population live within 50 miles or less of the English Border. Are we going to see border posts at all border crossings manned by clones of Elliot Ness?

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