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By Pete Moore On November 2nd, 2011

Reports The Telegraph:

Ministers have been accused of destroying 25,000 jobs and “bankrupting a whole industry”, after the Government unveiled plans to slash subsidies for green energy’ […] Hundreds of solar companies are likely to go bust by Christmas after the Department for Energy and Climate Change confirmed it is looking to halve subsidies for new panels. Greg Barker, minister for climate change, said the “feed-in tariff” subsidies are currently too generous, because the cost of installing solar panels has fallen.


Yes, I know it’s tough for those who’ll lose their jobs, I genuinely feel for them, but any job which can only exist by state subsidy is uneconomic and its very existence, made and sustained as it is by the productive being looted, destroys more real jobs. The victims have been hoodwinked by government and eco-propaganda.

The lesson is to never rely on the state for your income. It is immoral and it can be taken away on bureaucratic whim.


  1. Peter,
    I want to thank everyone who willingly or not, is contributing to my generous feed in payments generated by my shiny new solar panels…

    It may be a small crumb of comfort, but on sunny days like today, as I sit drinking one of Shepherd Neame’s finest brews and watch that little wheel spinning round in the opposite direction;
    I promise to reflect on your wise words….. 😉

  2. found this item on Germany’s approach to FITs..


  3. Back on topic.
    Arguably the state artificially skewing the market by funding these non-jobs COULD be putting real people out of real jobs by rendering them uneconomic.

    So I agree. Good. About time that Gubbermint stopped financially raping the poor bloody taxpayer.

  4. Except they haven’t actually done that. They have cut these jobs without cutting taxes resulting in further job loses without the private sector being able to pick up the slack.

  5. “Back on topic”
    Are you saying I wasn’t on topic?