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The mistake made is in thinking that the leadership of the Church of England have anything to do with Christianity. Others have worked that out some time previously;

The Archbishop of Canterbury was a leading member of a left-wing group labelled “subversive” by the security services in a report to Baroness Thatcher.

Rubbing shoulders with left-wing politicians such as Tony Benn and the late Eric Heffer, he wrote: ‘We must make our stand with the oppressed’.

The Jubilee Group was identified as a “problem” neo-Marxist organisation in confidential intelligence documents drawn up by MI5 officer Charles Elwell. He warned of “the problem of Christian left wing groups” and named the Jubilee Group as “the best known and probably most influential”.

So, when Comrade Williams comes out with his notion to FURTHER TAX financial institutions, we know where he is coming from. This man, like the Church he heads, is a whited sepulchre. His embraces political leftism, not Christianity. Christ was not of the Left, he was not of the Right. He told us plainly his kingdom is not of this world but that he came to offer us eternal life IF we repented our sins and followed him. Listening to the drivel spewed out by the Church authorities, my total lack of confidence in these earthly bodies is reinforced. What would Jesus do? Something that these prattling prelates least expect.

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5 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

  1. It must be noted that Blair knew what he was doing when he appointed Williams.

    We’ve noted in the past how Williams is a socialist christian and much more socialist than christian. He’s quite a bright fellow, but his socialism blinds him to the fact that a tobin tax would be paid by bank customers, not banks, and that it would raise a pittance.

    If he’s so concerned for the Treasury to get its hand on more loot he could try liquidating some of the £multi-billion Church assets and just hand it over rather than call for the state to confiscate yet more from the little man.

  2. I don’t like Williams and many of his political positions.

    However, I LOVE this story because it demonstrates once again that rightwingers only detest government when it is not advancing their agenda. They are perfectly comfortable with the government employing its secret services against citizens who they deem “subversive” because those citizens are opposed to the the conservative government’s agenda.

  3. Harri, on November 3rd, 2011 at 12:14 pm Said:
    What would Jesus do?

    ” Jesus saves you know “

    Possibly but satan scores on the rebound with a superb header.

  4. Again we see exposed the nonsense of a State Church that has not only lost its way, but failed to represent the true message of Christianity.
    Nowhere in the New Testament can you find backing for the idea of palaces, robes or owning stocks and shares. It just isn’t there, and both the Catholic and Protestant churches are guilty of all this and more.
    Three clergy resigned because in their desperation to appear “relevant”, they exposed their spiritual bankruptcy and role as part of the Establishment. They mouth empty and meaningless platitudes, and now their bluff has been called.

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