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The 1st July – a new month starts and the blogging cycle for 2007 reaches the halfway point! Where does the time go? Wanted to share with you the news that June saw ATW reach new high levels of traffic, with an all-time high number of unique visitors. So, despite the occasional techie problem, despite the occasional outbreak of in-fighting, despite the continued criticism of this blog from the moonbat fringe, we’re STILL on the rise! And that’s all down to YOU! My promise is that, with the help of all my excellent fellow-writers, and of course your continued patronage, we’ll try to make the next six months as much fun, as infuriating, hopefully as funny even, as the last six. Thanks again for stopping by and tell your friends about ATW – it’s THE place to go when you want to express your views. We may be "a mentally deficient pack of phobes" BUT our aim is true.

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5 thoughts on “ANOTHER RECORD MONTH!

  1. David,

    Thanks for providing the stimulus and the provocation and the argument and the humour and the accessability

  2. >>We may be "a mentally deficient pack of phobes"<<

    Who was this? As Oscar used to say "Oh, I wish I’d said that!"

  3. "The BNP website remains the number one UK political website; that is the most visited website of any of the UK political parties". Unquote. (Google)

    Beat that!

  4. Peter T and Daphne…

    No, thank you for your patronage.


    You need to look at those ATW mugs to see the wonderful expression – coined by Daphne and greatly appreciated by me!


    If we got the publicity the BNP got, we would beat them!

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