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Now what did I say?

By Mike Cunningham On November 7th, 2011


My un-favourite Politically correct term, or noun, or whatever is……Diversity.

That single slogan brings out, to my own mind, the worst of what those who govern us represent. The belief that, if a Parish Council or even a Government is able to point proudly to a set of statistics  that they are ‘serving’ so many gypsies, Irish ‘travellers’, black  or white crippled lesbians, or indeed any of the other seventy-odd varieties listed in one of those truly revolting ‘Diversity’ listings so beloved of the great Socialist State in which we live, and pronounce themselves satisfied is truly revolting.

The great ‘Diversity’ debate has reached across the Atlantic, and the awful truth is exposed when the subject of ‘True Diversity’ is raised within an Educational system.

Washington D.C. has a Black population of 305,125, or just over 50.7% of the total. The majority of the State schools have majority Black students, but here is the wrinkle which is creasing the minds of the Educators; the population of the District’s ‘gifted’ programmes is biased heavily in favour of the White kids. Not biased of course by keeping them out; its just that the pesky White kids, who form 61% of the total numbers in the ‘Gifted Schooling’ programme, keep winning against their numerically superior Black counterparts.

So these ‘Educators’ are trying to find ways to skew the entry criteria so that more Black kids get into the ‘gifted’ category; so fulfilling the ‘Diversity’ criteria.

But I bet there is one question which hasn’t been asked, and one category of kids who haven’t been asked either. The Question is ‘Do you wish to enter the ‘Gifted’ schooling programme? And the Category of kids? Black!

2 Responses to “Now what did I say?”

  1. Washington DC as JFK once said is a city of Northern Charm and Southern Efficiency.

    The school district has had tremendous difficulty. I have a cousin who teaches in it. There are real people making great effort to improve the schools.

    If you are unfamiliar with the City it has sections of great wealth and sections of great poverty. One would have to have zero knowledge of the City to suggest that its children all start off on the same foot.

  2. ‘Gifted’ is what – an age-related IQ above 140? That means that there will be more orientals and whites than blacks. There’s no ‘bias’ in favour of whites or against blacks.