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I’m waiting for the year when Miss North Korea wins, despite objections from Miss Hamas Palestine, and a walk-out by Miss Iran because she wasn’t allowed to parade in a Burqa.

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4 thoughts on “she’s so lovely

  1. Good to see the Milli Tants are as barking mad as ever.

    As Miss Venezuela was crowned the competition’s 61st winner last night, feminists chanted outside the exhibition hall, carrying placards with slogans such as “objectification won’t achieve world peace”.

    Oh I dunno. A nice bit of crumpet like Miss Venezuela is enough to have any man wanting to make love, not war.

  2. I wondered why my wife kept taking all her makeup stuff with her when she went out in the mornings!
    She told me she was going to a sewing circle…Ha!

    Oh by the way, her names not Ivian..
    it’s Mildred 😉

  3. Whoa – I thought that Chavez’s Venezuela was in the minor league ‘axis of evil’?

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