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Don’t get me wrong, I was no fan of Berlusconi. But I am democrat enough to believe the Italian people should decide who governs them and it is not for others, let alone German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to dictate to them who shall sit in power. Yet that is exactly what is happening and without much of a murmer of dissent from our politicians.  Just think about this for one moment; Super Mario Monti, the new Prime Minister, has unveiled his cabinet and guess what? There are NO politicians in it!!!

Despite reports that Mr Monti had sought to include politicians in his cabinet, there are none. “The absence of political personalities in the government will help rather than hinder a solid base of support for the government in parliament and in the political parties because it will remove one ground for disagreement,” he said.

Now, does that sound like DEMOCRACY or TYRANNY to you?

In essence, Italy will now be governed by a small group of people who owe their position and allegiance to Brussels. They have determined that the voice of the Italian people shall be mute as they do the bidding of Frau Merkel. This abrogation of democracy is cloaked by the term “technocrat” as if that is almost a favourable term. It’s not, it is simple another word for an enabler of tyranny. Freedom fades away slowly but surely and unless the people wake up from their satiated slumber, things can only get worse.

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  1. This is the thing that worries me. I have been surprised at just how easy it has been for leaders of the Eurozone to boot democracy out of the window. Indeed they have booted democracy out of the window without a second thought and no one seems to even acknowledge their actions, other than Nigel Farage that is. What we must remember is that these leaders of the Eurozone are also leaders of the EU and now we know just what their attitude to sovereign nations is. And yet we are still members of the Club.

    Now we have a very good idea that the people of the UK do not like the EU but no one in the political classes echoes this dislike (Except for Nigel Farage, David Davis, John Redwood and another 100 or so voting rebels). David Campbell tries to sell himself as a Eurosceptic but he still wishes to remain a member of the EU and has said so. Ed Milliband is definite Europhile as is Nic Clegg and off these Nic Clegg is in Government and making statements against Euroscepticsism at every opportunity. Somehow we have to rid ourselves of this Europhilic minority.

  2. Peter, ahh Tovarishch, you do not understand. This is for the greater good. Sit down, relax, and god forbid keep your voice down, they might hear you…..

  3. “Super Mario Monti, the new Prime Minister, has unveiled his cabinet and guess what? There are NO politicians in it!!!….

    I can imagine Pete Moore is packing his bags, grabbing his passport and brushing up on his Italian as we speak.. 🙂

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