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By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006

bannerkerry.jpgGud to cee that the US Soldiers serving their kountry in Iraq have nailed Senator Kerry – following his most recent military-bashing comments!


  1. In the US if you are from a less wealthy (not necessarily poor) background joining the forces is often the only way to get a college education. Kerry made a joke that backfired and his timing couldn’t have been worse. This incident has been getting more media coverage in the States than the Mark Foley paedophile scandal or the racist outburst a Republican candidate made to a dark skinned bloke who asked him a question on a trip to drum up support. I have other examples that sadly escape me.

  2. But I thought they were smart before I thought they were stupid…or at least untill Bush lied about them being stupid…. Karl Rove made me do it…

  3. PS SBK he did not make a joke, he meant what he said he said the same thing in 1972 "that an all volunteer military would be filled with nothing but the under privlaged and the naive"…. I guess he was joking then just like he was when he lied about witnessing and commiting war crimes as he testified falsly before congress right after vietnam

  4. Undermining the US military – when soldiers lose their lives DAILY in defence of the liberty of a foreign people – is reprehensible in the extreme. Having a homosexual relationship is NOT on the same scale. Is it?

  5. The makakha statement was a made up word in the Allen campaign The person he made it to was from the Webb campaign who was following him to every campaign stop with a camera and a microphone to try and get somthing to use by the Webb campaign…

    As for Foley the young man that he was e-mailing and never meet with was over 18… still sick and dispickable but not pedophilia… They also did not have that large of an outrage when Barney Franks (Democrat) gay roommate got busted for running a male prostitution ring from the basement of Franks DC home

  6. Troll,

    Great points and I fully agree!

  7. As you can see from the photo, this story isn’t being propelled by the VRWC here in the US. Kerry has really pissed off our fighting men and women in the war zone. First he calls them stupid for being there, then he calls them stupid for not getting his "joke".
    Kerry has a third rate character, a second rate intellect, and has blown all the first rate possibilities he was born, and married, into.

  8. Folks:
    Kerry is incapable of telling a joke, despite the fact that his campaign skills are a joke. But it was only a dumb joke.
    SBK – it hasn’t reached the level of media coverage of the Foley scandal. While the military is one way to gain money for college it is not the only alternative. In fact the educational background of the military probably exceeds the national average for most occupations.
    David: -loved the picture of the boys with the sign for Kerry. It serves him right (he’s always been a self-important fool). However, his lame joke does not equal the Foley scandal. His sad attempt at humor is being built up here by a desperate Republican Party who have been stepping on political landmines for the last few months.

  9. Mahons,

    Can you imagine the outcry if we were to discover Kerry is…..gay?

    I agree he has zero sense of humour – a trait he shares with most politicians!

  10. Mahons, Also, the Libs can’t stand him b/c when he thinks it suits his interests, he dones the uniform and talks about his band of brothers.

  11. David: Nice one. The outcry would be loudest from Teresa Heinz Kerry.

    I think some of the politicians I’ve admired most were the few with senses of humor. One of my favorites, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch announced when he lost the election to David Dinkins that "The people have spoken, and now they must be punished." He was right.

  12. I wonder which of the 8 wrote that in the picture and which are the other seven that don’t realise it’s a joke?

  13. Charles: I think they despise him more for his inability to win. At least this knocks him out of serious contention for ’08.

    Cunningham: You’ve got a better sense of humor than Kerry (damning with faint praise).

  14. Cummingham, It’s not statistically probable that the other seven could be Irish.

  15. Seriously: does anyone know what, say, a private in the US army in Iraq earns?

  16. "Cummingham, It’s not statistically probable that the other seven could be Irish."

    Aye, probably Scots-Irish 😉

    Seriously though. The political pygmies in the Republican Party and their media cheer-leaders never give up an opportunity to attack war-hero John Kerry.

    Maybe they should go over to Iraq and help out their beloved troops. No? Hmmm.

  17. Poor joke but surely this is evidence of poor judgement on Kerry’s part, not being able to spot this at such a vital stage in the election campaign.

  18. Starting pay is $1178 up to $5000 for length of service, plus add ons. But I don’t think they do it for the money.

  19. That’s per month.

    Reg, War hero! Pfff!

  20. Reg: This is a Kerry-created gaff that the members of his own party are seething over because he has interjected himself as story into the last days of the close campaigning. The Republicans are squeezing the story for what it is worth, but Kerry is to blame for creating such a red herring issue. He is selfish and vain and out of touch.

  21. Right Mahons, The Dems are working very hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

    BTW, I’ll see the President here in Dallas Monday night. I’ve got tickets to the rally, at which he is of course the keynote speaker. He’ll then drive down to the ranch for Election Day. I’m very excited to be able to see The President!!!

  22. <i>The makakha statement was a made up word in the Allen campaign</i>

    What a coincidence then that it happens to be a racial slur where Allen’s mother grew up, huh? And Allen’s own history with racism would seem to make such a coincidence even less likely.

    <i>As for Foley the young man that he was e-mailing and never meet with was over 18</i>

    Are you sure about that Troll? I thought he was under 18, though still over the age of consent, so you’re right that it was sick but not illegal.

    The soldiers’ sign was quite funny.

  23. "does anyone know what, say, a private in the US army in Iraq earns?"

    less than a KBR kitchen worker who serves them in the mess tent, in iraq.

  24. Charles: Wrestlemania has keynote speakers? Just kidding, a bit of history-should be fun. Enjoy.

  25. i have to admit, for all the media posturing of both the major parties, after six weeks i left the US no more informed about what candidates were standing for in the midterms. it was all blamegame, smearing and little else. no-one ever seems to get round to talking about domestic policy.

  26. found this lil number on youtube. just to put some perspective of JFKs little gaff.


  27. I knew that americans spelt things differently than we do ;o)

  28. I thought Foley’s "pal" was 17 at the time, but the democrats had previously lowered the gay age of consent to 16 in DC.

  29. Aileen: Sorry, gaffe not gaff. I know we say truck you say lorry, we say elevator you say lift, we say dentist you say don’t smile.

  30. Tripper, The Dems don’t want to discuss issues b/c they know they can’t sell their program of higher taxes and losing the war to the American people. If they talk about winning the war, their own left will try to bring them down like Lieberman.

  31. And the Republicans don’t want to discuss the issues either because they’d have to explain all of their mistakes. Hence jumping on Kerry with 2 feet.

  32. Neal, Perhaps! I think it’s bad for the body politic here not to get into really substanstive issues, but it seems that the 30 second sound bite rules the day.

    I’ve read the Lincoln Douglas Debates, quite a task in itself. Gone are the days when citizens will stand in the rain for hours listening to someone expound on the pressing issues of the day.

  33. Kerry makes a poor joke and gets lambasted on ATW. Meanwhile, an alcoholic GAY Republican paedophile slinks quietly away. But then, the Republicans should know all about alcoholics shouldn’t they?

    Three words:

    The hypocracy of the GOP and its attack-dog cheerleaders knows no bounds. I hope they get what they deserve on November 7.

  34. Peter: Alcoholic Gay Republican Paedophile? Surely the first two descriptions are not damning, we’ll differ on the third and agree on the fourth.
    It might interest you to know that famous republicans like Hillary Clinton and Congressman Harold Ford also criticized Kerry.

  35. The forth means someone who loves children. it is the child molesters who have hijacked this word as a euphemism for their sickness. We should claim it back and call them what they really are.


    "we say dentist you say don’t smile."

    vicious but funny. Luckily I have had my teeth whitened recently so I could afford to laugh even ;o)

  36. Aileen: good sport. I have been waiting for you to see that and nail me with the vicious comment. I was beginning to give up hope.

    On the other matter, I didn’t know that about the origin of that word, but I doubt it will ever be rehabilitated. I’ve sat through too many trials involving that crime to ever doubt the evil involved. I am getting depressed thinking about it. I may have to go up to the Seasons in the Sun thread and mock (in an unvicious manner) David’s record collection.

  37. Mahons
    I’m nothing if I’m not predictable ;o)

    Re the child abusers, it’s my one woman campaign. They used the word for themseves because in their twisted minds what they do is a loving act.

    My other main problem with the sue of the word is that even of it did actually mean what it is used for now, it does not draw a clear enough distinction between the desire and acting on it. Is a paedophile someone who is sexually attracted to children or someone who sexually assaults them. With child molester, it does what it says on the tin. I have every sympathy for someone who has this attraction and who knows that they have no right to act on it ans who therefore keeps themselves away from situations where they may be a danger to children. Let’s tell it as it is and deprive the child molesters of the shield of this euphemism.

    As to it being a lost cause. Never stopped me before ;o)

  38. Kerry’s joke was stupid and offensive and he has apologised.

    The GOP has yet to apoloogise for their cover-up of their gay alcoholic paedophonle congressman, whose activities were known to them for years before they came to light (those wicked commies in the MSM!). This sob piloted thru a bill about internet paedophiles a few months before he was exposed for the pathetic hypocrite he is.

    But of course the real scandal is that his perversions were well known to the Republican leadership for years and they chose to do nothing, while lambasting Democrats as being "anti-family"!


  39. The GI’s in Iraq also make hazard pay – and their pay is tax free. A couple of guys I know who are back now were able to pay off their mortgages when they got home after one year in Iraq. (I mean to say: Irak)

  40. Another gay-sex hypocracy scandal for the Republicans, this time from a gay married hypocrite who is also a Christian fundamentalist minister and cheer-leader for Bush:


    Oh what a tangled web we weave…..

  41. Peter, If that’s the best Election surprise the Dems can come up with, their slipping! Nothing but a sign of desperation from a party of defeatists.

    Who does Osama want to win the election?. Answer that question, then vote Republican!

  42. Chas,

    In 2004, the answer to the questions:

    Who does Osama want to win the election?

    was George W. Bush. Have to assume that he’s still rooting for the Republicans in the midterms.

  43. Alan, So OBL wants us to continue to vote Repub, b/c the admin is so incompetent? Osama says "please Great Satan, don’t vote in the Democrats, they will destroy us!" Your killin’ me!

    BTW, Hastert hasn’t resigned yet. Get to cooking those Buffalo wings!

  44. Chas

    don’t vote in the Democrats, they will destroy us!

    Did I miss something? Did the Republicans destroy him? The Repubs were gonna get him in 2002 (if they were re-elected). Then I remember him issuing a threatening tape just before the Nov. 2004 election so the Republicans could say "Be Afraid, be Very Afraid!" and keep Bush and the Republican Congress. He worked wonders for you guys two years ago; maybe he’ll do a three-peat.

    As to Hastert, I remember the Wings, but did I say he would be gone as Speaker BEFORE the election? There’s more than one way to loose yer seat!

  45. "As to Hastert, I remember the Wings, but did I say he would be gone as Speaker BEFORE the election? There’s more than one way to loose yer seat!"

    Damned! Hadn’t thought about that! Yo Yankees and yo word twistin’.

  46. I really don’t want to defend Foley, but there is something important to point out… He wasn’t a paedophile (I’m not using Aileen’s definition) because firstly he didn’t actually do anything to the young man and second, the Demo’s had made they gay age of consent in DC 16 a few years ago. So if Foley actually had "consumated" the relationship, it would not have been a crime, thanks to the Democrats.

    Foley at least resigned. The democrat who was involved in a worse scandal 20 years ago did not.

    Now actually I think he’s a dirty pervert who deserves a good kicking at least. And the hypocracy of supporting an anti-paedophile bill is astounding. I do agree with those who say the republican leadership have something to answer for.

  47. Damned Yankee, that’s me.

    BTW, how do you like yer wings?

    Original Anchor Bar Recipe

    Here is the original recipe created by Ms. Teresa Bellissimo, owner of the Anchor Bar and Restaurant, in Buffalo, NY. It is taken from Totally Hot! The Ultimate Hot Pepper Cookbook.

    4 to 5 Lbs Chicken wings
    Freshly ground black pepper
    Salt (if desired)
    4 C Vegetable Oil
    4 Tbs butter or margarine (1/2 stick)
    5 Tbs Louisiana-brand hot sauce or Tabasco sauce
    1 Tbs white wine vinegar

  48. Alan throw some Habenaro peppers in that recipe

  49. "I think it’s bad for the body politic here not to get into really substanstive issues, but it seems that the 30 second sound bite rules the day."

    Agree with you 100% Charles.

  50. Worse than the 30 second sound bite (if that’s possible) is the 30-second commercials (adverts) which flood the airwaves right up to and through election day. I am currently not watching any network or local television programs that show political commercials.

  51. Alan,

    In that case, I propose we auction your now unneeded television. I’ll start the bidding at $5.

  52. Mark,

    I’ve been saved by PBS! That’s the Public Broadcasting Service (http://www.pbs.org/) for those of you on the other side of the pond.