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It’s a financial death-wish for the Irish Retail industry!

Thousands of shoppers are expected to flood back across the Border after the Government increases VAT on a huge range of household items. There were warnings last night that the proposed 2pc Budget hike would drive people North — posing serious threats to the survival of struggling shopkeepers and retail outlets here. Consumers are expected to rush to buy household products, alcohol, cigarettes and petrol here before the new rate hits in six weeks’ time. The VAT gap between the Republic and the North will widen to 3pc in the new year. Finance Minister Michael Noonan was forced to admit the increase after Budget details were revealed in the German parliament.

Got that? Yes, the Irish Budget was revealed in the GERMAN Parliament. This is proof that Ireland is now a wholly owned protectorate of Frau Merkel’s Deutschland uber alles. It is being forced to wreck it’s economy in order to get the Debt level down so it can pay back the “bail out” which, as you know, was nothing of the sort. Pity Ireland – trapped in a financial web that it has no chance of getting out of. Had the politicans any vision they would leave the Eurozone, reinstate a new Irish Punt, and focus on rebalancing their economy in a sensible way. The trauma of the adjustments required to suit the Germans is going to severe, and perhaps Enda Kenny should think about answering “Ireland’s Call” not Germany’s demands?

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2 thoughts on “THE VAT OF THE LAND..

  1. The Irish (republic of) took the Germans’ Deutschmarks by the billions in the 1990’s without so much as one iota of the consequences. Even now, when the pfenning has dropped, the Irish are in denial.

    That’s instant gratification in its highest form. Besten alt on the schwein and freely take without any idea that your herze may belong to Jesus but your asel definitely belongs to the Bundestag.

    Now it’s finally payback time and the funniest thing is the Irish society is owned by the Germans, but they fail to see the reality in the matter.

    Achtung, sheeple. You vill obey und you vill vork for der Reich!

  2. Yes, raising prices will really do the economy a power of good.

    This is a tax hike in a budget which Kenny ran passed Berlin first, I assume. That’s if it wasn’t wriiten in German in the first place.

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