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And so, the BIG STRIKE by public sector workers looms closer. It is planned for Nov 30th – a day I will be travelling outside the UK.

Civil servants from across Whitehall are being lined up to act as border staff at UK ports and airports during next week’s public sector strikes. Thousands of border agency workers are expected to strike on 30 November in protest at government pension changes. Ministers fear there could be major disruption for travellers, so volunteers are being asked to step in. PCS Union chief Mark Serwotka said ministers were in a “blind panic” and should be resolving the dispute.

I have a solution, inspired by Ronald Reagan. How about we take on board the great unhappiness that afflicts these Border staff, something that makes them so miserable and help them out of their pain…by sacking them. With so many people unemployed, perhaps we should recruit those who are prepared to accept what can be afforded by the taxpayer as opposed to demanded by the trade unions? 

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6 thoughts on “A BORDER OPPORTUNITY….

  1. Odd I thought we already had untrained idiots ‘guarding’ the frontier.
    You’d think what with us being an island having a clue about who is coming in and going out wouldn’t be that taxing.

  2. I simply cannot understand the rationale behind this strike. Listening to proponents for the strike on 5Live, it reminded me of a teenager getting mad at his recently redundant Dad, because he can no longer afford his pocket money…

    I ain’t saying ALL public workers are irresponsible, but this strike does not have the full backing of union members, it only has their pathetic, fearful acquiesence. They have as much conviction and courage as your average football supporter, and it will hurt the people they pretend to value, probably lead to job losses, and achieve sweet FA.
    ! THINK UNION DISPUTES OF THIS NATURE HAVE HAD THEIR DAY, and should probably be resolved through some kind of legal process. And let’s face it, if even halfof these so called caring people really did care; they wouldn’t resort to striking.. 🙂

  3. Oh no! This is awful news! British border control workers to go on strike! I bet all the potential illegal immigrants are frantically putting Nov 30th in their diaries: “We try so hard to evade them, but always to no avail…but now, at last, on Nov 30th, we might just stand a chance of getting in to Britain! OK It’s still only a slim chance, let us not fool ourselves, but it’s now or never, lads!”

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