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By Pete Moore On November 24th, 2011

You may have seen that Climategate II has unfolded, a further release of global warmenist emails by a public spirited soul. One is particularly interesting, from Phil Kirby, erstwhile BBC Environment Correspondent, to Phil Jones of the infamous Climate Research Unit. As WUWT notes, clearly there is an incestuous relationship between the BBC and the tight knit world of climate science:

“Yes, glad you stopped this — I was sent it too, and decided to spike it without more ado as pure stream-of-consciousness rubbish. I can well understand your unhappiness at our running the other piece. But we are constantly being savaged by the loonies for not giving them any coverage at all, especially as you say with the COP in the offing, and being the objective impartial (ho ho) BBC that we are, there is an expectation in some quarters that we will every now and then let them say something. I hope though that the weight of our coverage makes it clear that we think they are talking through their hats.”

Talk about having your illusions shattered. There we are, basking in the warmth of knowing that depsite having to pay the state for permission to own a TV, at least we were getting the finest, the most impartial news and information curtesy of ‘Auntie Beeb’, when along comes an insider to whip away that comfort blanket.

Well, that might apply to some, but I stopped paying that literal racket years ago.

One Response to “THE BBC, IN HIS OWN WORDS”

  1. I’m shocked ..shocked to find the BBC is a nest of lefty warmists who all have links with the Grauniad….well not that shocked.

    Like I said BBC?…demolish it…burn down the rubble and salt the ground.