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There are a lot of crazy people in Europe, but the Europeans will never hold a candle to America, crazy capital of the world.

The big time right wing radio guys are Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Mark Levin, in that order.

But there is a nether world of talk radio guys, who are way crazier than any of the above. And one of them is at the heart of the Ron Paul Cult.

He’s Alex Jones, the Austin Tx based radio host who runs the ” Prison Planet ” website. He has a minor league paranoid radio show, and some kind of an internet TV thing.

He is joined at the hip with Ron Paul and has friendly relations with RT, the Russian Putin Friendly tv station.

And while you may not have heard Alex Jones, if you read this site often enough, you have heard his words, from Allan, and others.

Let’s bring Alex Jones out of the shadows. Take a good look at him, and at his chummy relationship with Ron Paul.

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36 thoughts on “The Sick in the Head Idiot at the Heart of the Ron Paul Movement

  1. Troll –


    Ron Paul is not ‘joined at the hip’ with Alex Jones, he simply talks with him sometimes. Ron Paul is happy to speak with anyone to get his message out. He’s even happy to speak with Fox and MSNBC (talk about associating with cranks …)

    It’s a pluralist media out there. Be cool.

  2. Hi Pete!

    Alex Jones is a very very bad guy. Like Rush he is at heart a comedian, but the problem is that some feeble minds actually believe these paranoid ravings.

    You’ve known of him for some time?

  3. Phantom –

    Of course I know of Alex Jones. Anyone who doesn’t limit himself to that half inch gap of opinion between which exists Mitt Romney and H. Clinton probably has heard of him.

    Clearly Alex Jones is not a bad man, whatever you think of him.

    He has not killed anyone (unlike politicians you admire), he does not loot anyone (unlike politicians you admire), he does not intimidate through the threat of violence (you get the idea).

    Alex Jones talks loudly into a microphone. You can turn off if you don’t want to listen.

  4. I think that you and Allan have listened to this guy very closely for a long time.

    Funny neither of you have every mentioned such an influential figure.

    He’s not just someone who has interviewed Ron Paul – he is an influential supporter of his. He is to Ron Paul what Fox News was to Sarah Palin, when she was alive.

    The deep fevered paranoia about -airport security for God’s sake- and other things that normal people don’t get upset ago lead right to this puppetmaster’s studio in Austin Tx.

    You won’t mind if we shine a bit more light on this Alex Jones will you? Perhaps there is more that folks will be interested in.

  5. Phantom –

    I must be a big fan of ‘this puppetmaster’ Alex Jones because I don’t want a bloke grabbing my bollocks in an airport? Who’s the conspiracy theorist now?

    Maybe some people just don’t feel like saluting patriotically when they’re sexually assaulted.

    And what’s ‘an influential’ supporter of Ron Paul? You mean, he has alot of listeners?

  6. Phantom … paranoia about the Airport Security Circus? The day it stops a terrorist attack (which it can’t) or the day it stops a terrorist (which it can’t), THEN l’ll believe in it. Just because the attention seeker Alex Jones brings it up doesn’t alter anything.

    There have been 2 advances in aircraft security of merit. One is sealed cockpits and the other is passengers no longer sit quietly and do nothing.

  7. I fly a lot and I know a lot of folks, Americans and British, who fly around the US all the time as part of their job and on holiday. And. I have never heard one of these heavy hitters complain about security other than the fact that lines can be slow

    This is all paranoid libertarian imbecility from people with a mongrel’s understanding of the constitution

    It would be nice if this stuff was not needed and that we lived in a world without underwear bombers.

    Until the Islamics get civilized there will be tight security. Deal with it or take the bus

  8. “Funny neither of you have every mentioned such an influential figure. ”

    Phantom, he was mentioned here just a few weeks ago, I remember. I think it was Allan who linked to one of his rants.

    Nobody is responsible for whoever admires them. Surely every politicians is admired by many people he would otherwise not agree with.

  9. Noel

    This isn’t an arms length relationship. Paul is on this show once a month. Listen to how chummy they are on the call. They are allies and not interviewer and subject. They spin in one another’s axis.

    Credible political or other actors would NEVER go on a show rerun by a lunatic like this

    Alex Jones is a Truther through and through also. What a surprise.

  10. Phantom –

    Ron Paul isn’t promoted by the major corporate channels. In fact they do their best to ignore him. No, it’s true, they’ve been found out.

    So he takes his message where he can, which is one reason why his grassroots support is so active. It’s what they have to do. Bob Schieffer, normally so obsequious to some, demonstrated the hostility that Ron Paul meets. If that’s what Schieffer was like on air, can you imagine what it took to persuade him to have Ron Paul on with him?

    Look, you’ve just said that ‘almost ten per cent of Republicans’ listen to Alex Jones. He’d be stupid to turn down the chance to get his message to them.

    Be thankful that the likes of Alex Jones can still (just about) broadcast in your nation and say what he says (though it’s noted that he was recently blamed for inspiring the fella who shot at the White House – there’s a shot across Jones’ bows if ever there was one).

    In many countries he’d have been silenced a long time ago. Be thankful that he digs, he’s tenacious and he asks awkward questions of the power elites. Countries need his type.

  11. It is nothing short of astonishing that this man has an audience

    But it is not surprising that the likes of Jones, Ron Paul, and Jesse Ventura are buddies.

    Water does seek its own level.

    And you’ve had people like this in America for a long time.

  12. I would not want Jones censored

    But it is so sad that there are terrified people buying into this stuff

    Who think they are hearing a revealed truth

  13. The problem wit han Alex Jones (and he can rave away as far as I am concerned) is no one asks him questions.

  14. Phantom –

    The other day no Americans – no way, none, not ever at all – lived in fear. Today, terrified people buy into Alex Jones. Come on, be consistent.

    There’s a couple of things going on here. Ron Paul’s 40-year message on the economy and perpetual war has been shown, beyond any question, to be correct. The Sage of Texas, the lone voice in a sea of babbling, conformist corruptocrats has turned out to be right after after all and that’s unsettling to you. It tilts your worldview, your mental comfort blanket is slipping down and you feel exposed.

    It’s ok, embrace the fact that the wisest man in Washington is changing America, making it question itself, exposing the corporatists and war-mongers and kleptocracy and the Fed/Wall Street mafia. You’ll be liberated, a free man once again no longer inside that emotional straightjacket of “we is good they is bad won’t someone kill them”.

    Be a man, Phantom. Think for yourself. Look and listen to the world as it is, not at the Potemkin world presented by MSCNNABNBC.

    So this is a pointless, and frankly pretty poor, attempt by Republican and Democrat socialists to bring down a real man of liberty. It was DOA, squelched the moment it left the trap.

  15. I said that the American people were not afraid

    I did not say that there were no frightened people in America

    Probably every one of this show’s small audience thinks that the black helicopters are coming any day

  16. No need to be so up in arms, Phantom.

    Paul Krugman of the NYT has done far more damage to the US with his Keynesian arguments and advocating for the Stimulus than this unknown Alex Jones. Or, consider, if you will, the UN’s IPCC with its politicization of global warming and attendant damage to scientific reputation, or how about Pelosi with her ramrodding of ObamaCare through the Congress.

    Wasting your time worrying about Alex Jones, unknown by most? who’s the conspiracy nut, here?

  17. The fevered Ron Paul Cult certainly knows who he is

    We near the end game for yet another GOP weirdo

  18. I’ve listened to less than an hour of his show over the past four years. He doesn’t suit my tastes.

    But if you’re truly interested in learning a thing or two about the man, reading this in-depth Texas Monthly article may assist.

    Phantom, I think you have more to fear from the Rush/Hannity/Levin trio than from the relatively obscure Alex Jones.

    By the way, I think most of his audience purposely chooses not be aligned with any political party or ideology. It kind of goes against their anarcho-capitalist tendencies.

  19. Let’s put aside Phantom’s propaganda for a bit, have a look at the Infowars site, and then decide from the leading articles whether there is any truth in what Alex Jones’s website argues:


    1. Arab State Urges Citizens To Leave Syria

    Tensions flare as Arab League ultimatum passes deadline

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Friday, November 25, 2011

    – Yet another indication that Syria could be the next target of a NATO-led military assault arrived today with the news that the United Arab Emirates is the latest country to urge its citizens to leave, as a deadline imposed by the Arab League for Syria to respond to its demand to send in observers passed without comment. –

    Linked reports show that the UAE has asked its citizens to leave Syria. The fact of such a warning is certainly reasonably interpreted as an indication of advanced preparation for a NATO assault on Syria based on the recent Libyan experience.

    2. Next Propaganda Phase: UN Says Syria Tortures Children

    Kurt Nimmo
    November 25, 2011

    – In order to send in the bombers and introduce the sort of carnage in Syria the US and NATO inflicted on Libya, the propaganda war needs to be dialed up. Allegations of child abuse usually do the trick. Journalists call it “the hook.”

    Daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to US tells lie used as war propaganda.Prior to the first invasion of Iraq in 1991, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing on Capitol Hill showcasing Iraqi human rights abuses. The media event allowed a 15-year old Kuwaiti girl known as Nayirah to claim Saddam’s invaders threw babies out of incubators at the al-Addan hospital in Kuwait City.

    It turns out the girl was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. The testimony was a lie cooked up by Hill & Knowlton, a public relations group. Despite this, the lie was repeated over and over again. Bush Senior told the story. It was recited as fact in congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows, and at the UN Security Council. –
    The report above is verifiably true: the “babies being thrown out of incubators” was a lie, a total fabrication. It is therefore reasonable to cite this example as the manner in which corporate media is demonising Syria at the behest of the corporate military.

    3. Iran Believes US Presidential Elections Will Prevent Attack

    Analysis of potential attack plans published on supreme leader’s website

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Friday, November 25, 2011

    – A candid analysis published on the official website of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, contends that the United States is highly unlikely to support an attack on Iran in the short term due to the upcoming presidential elections in 2012. –

    The rest of the report provides links to various pieces on the Iranian matter: nothing too difficult but unlikely that most of these pieces would ever be seen on the MSM.

    4. US or Europe? Which Fiscal Time Bomb Will Explode First?

    Peter Schiff
    Euro Pacific
    Friday, November 25, 2011

    – With fiscal time bombs ticking in both Europe and the United States, the pertinent question for now seems to be which will explode first. For much of the past few months it looked as if Europe was set to blow. –

    Does anybody NOT understand the headline of this article? Again, an article by the respected Peter Schiff and although the article is clear and concise, it wouldn’t be seen in the NYT, Washington Post or any other corporate outlet.

    In summary, and these are the leading articles at the time of writing, there are no lies, no omissions and no fabrications – unless Phantom can show otherwise.

  20. Daphne

    I actually had drafted something on that point last week but did not finish it

    Newt is indeed a walking talking conflict of interest morally and every other way

  21. Not remotely true

    Romney has the making of a fine Republican president in the mainstream tradition

  22. Of course.

    perhaps should have written any “conservative” Republican…although I suspect your and other Democrats’ acceptance of the two Mormons running for nomination is simply a shady attempt at guaranteeing the Obama victory in 2012. We’ll see…won’t we? When/if Romney is the nominee you will turn against him and decide, in the end, that Obama really is the “only smart man” in the room.


  23. I read today, in the UK publication The Spectator, that Romney’s foreign policy as expressed in a ‘policy document’ includes:

    1. Arming Taiwan to the teeth and
    2. Persuading China to assist in disarming North Korea.

    Is this true?

  24. I just thought it was funny that Pete Moore seems to think almost everyone with a broad mind will have heard of this Alex Jones fella. Yes, I must admit in my local pub he’s all we ever talk about 😉

  25. China holds the key to solving the N Korea problem, and it is amazing that they’ve not done more to this point.

  26. Do not expect me to respond to each bit of nonsense you post.

    You are incapable of posting comment that would go over an amoeba’s head

  27. Err Phantom – you answered a point which I raised and it went over the amoeba’s head. But I’m a reasonable guy so I’ll explain it.

    Romney’s foreign policies include:

    1. Arming Taiwan to the teeth and
    2. Persuading China to moderate North Korea.

    Clearly, the arming of Taiwan is unlikely to render the Chinese open to persuasion over North Korea. Perhaps it could be a cunning plan by Romney to use Taiwan as an opening gambit – but Romney doesn’t appear to have cunning.

  28. Moderating N Korea is in the long term interest of all Pacific and world nations

    Regime change there is in the interest of all Koreans

    As I am sure you will agree

    Unless you take the profoundly immoral Ron Paul position that the starvation and oppression of others does not matter at all so long as you’re OK

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