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By David Vance On November 25th, 2011

Have to say that I rather agree with Education Minister Michael Gove  when he says;

Michael Gove promised an ‘unashamedly elitist’ approach in state schools last night as he vowed to give today’s children the same opportunities as those previously enjoyed by grammar school pupils. In an extraordinary speech, the Education Secretary vowed to allow the next generation to ‘transcend the circumstances of their birth’ by turning free schools and academies into the latter-day equivalent of grammars. He said parents were yearning for their children to learn ‘rigorous’ intellectual subjects, for ordered classrooms with strict discipline, and for teachers who are ‘guardians of knowledge and figures of authority’. Mr Gove insisted that the Government would end Labour’s ‘crude equation’ of traditional subjects with ‘so-called equivalent qualifications’. ‘Countries which award soft qualifications to students, which are not comparable to those in the most rigorous jurisdictions, will suffer just as surely as a country which issues money too promiscuously to pay its debts,’ he warned

This is the right approach – we need more meritocracy and much less dumbed down equality. Education should be about rigour, about challenge. Grammar schools provided that route which is why Labour got rid of them and now Gove seems to be at least trying to fight back. Meanwhile here in Northern Ireland, where we still have Grammar Schools, the politicians are moving to a system to demolish them and turn them into “all abilities” hostels. You couldn’t make it up.

Hat-tip to The Mail


  1. Well said. It has long been obvious that some people are cleverer than others but the Socialists determined that to grant admission to a school through academic attainment was wrong for politically uncorrect. For some peculier reasons, the Conservatives adopted this reasoning also, hence the introduction of the Comprehensive School. Northern Ireland is lucky. They still have Grammar Schools, well a few at least.

    To my mind the solution to improving our education system is obvious and continues to stare us in the face. Design the Education System to fit the educational needs of the country and only the educational needs of the country. Cast social engineering and experimentation aside and concentrate only upon education. If that means a return to selection for entry to schools designed to provide an academic education then so be it.

  2. Desperate times can sometimes lead to opportunities to undo past mistakes..
    I like Michael Gove. I think he is doing a good job. Of course it is only a matter of time before his common sense approach is torpedoed by the forces of progressive education and vested interests..Those people who don’t believe in elitism, but will fight tooth and nail to preserve their gold plated pensionsn at the expense of those in the private sector…

    You know who I mean. Those educationalists who try to tell us how wonderful the system now is, with kids leaving school needing wheelbarrows to cart away their certificates of success.
    Unfortunately the wicked employers fail to accept their assurances of worthiness and scholastic achievement; preferring instead smart personal appearance,good communication skills and the ability to interact with the real world…
    So they look to Eastern Europe; where the educational system so despised by our progressives, turns out kids who want a future – not a life on the dole. 🙂