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Northern Ireland Minister for Enterprise and Photo Ops Arlene Foster has insisted she had no role in granting a licence for shale gas exploration in an area of Co Fermanagh where her husband owns land. The Enterprise Minister said she had no interest to declare on the issue. It is understood her husband Brian bought the land in Stranacally in 1989. Australian-based firm Tamboran Resources was granted a licence by Ms Foster’s department to allow the exploration of gas in the area. Her comments come as she was challenged by Green Party leader Steven Agnew, who called on First Minister Peter Robinson to sack the minister.

For once I agree with Steven Agnew. For Foster to say that SHE had no role is perfectly true but she must have know that her husband owned a substantial tranche of land in the area where the license was to be granted BY HER DEPARTMENT? If she didn’t she is incompetent and should resign. If she did, she should also resign. I heard Peter Robinson on the media defending her, declaring that there are no issue to answer. Coming from a man who bought a valuable piece of land for £5, that’s rich!!!

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  1. Really, 54 acres is a substantial tract of land? My builders yard, as you would call it,is bigger than that

  2. Yes old slimy Peter Punt defending Underhand Arlene [remember how she left the UUP….three weeks after winning her seat on a UUP manifesto].
    If Punt’s sliver was worth a Fiver, how much is Arlene’s hubby’s 58 acress [not 54] in deepest Fermanagh worth?
    Arelene [whom I once admired as a politician] is a disgrace and like Robinson should have had the good grace to resign over this money making scam.

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