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Wonder what you think of this story? Not so long ago we were being told that Norway is the very model of multicultural acceptance. Except, of course, that is anything  but!!

“A political row has broken out in Norway after a secondary school segregated students with ethnic backgrounds in classes away from white Norwegians.

Bjerke Upper Secondary School in Oslo filled one of the three general studies sets solely with pupils with immigrant parents, after many white Norwegians from last year’s intake changed schools. The controversy over the decision has highlighted the unease in Norway over how to integrate the 420,000 “non-Nordic” citizens who immigrated between 1990 and 2009, and who make up 28 per cent of Oslo’s population.

“This is the first time I’ve heard about this, and it is totally unacceptable,” Torge Ødegaard, Oslo education commissioner, said on Friday, before pressuring the school to inform parents that the three classes would now be reorganised. The letter to parents read: “Such a division of the students is not in accordance with the requirements of the Education Act. The school regrets this error.”

But Robert Wright, a Christian Democrat politician and former head of the city’s schools board, struck back, arguing that the authorities had been wrong to block the move. He also said that other Oslo schools should start to segregate classes to prevent a situation of “white flight” developing.”

Norway’s problem is Europe’s problem. The massive influx of Muslims presided over by a political liberal elite has caused a fundamental societal problem and I’m not sure HOW it can be fixed. With Europe seeking to open up its borders to 60m Turkish Muslims, things are going to get much worse. We need to stop this madness, carefully protect our borders, demand assimilation and integration. Anything else will lead to more division and who wants that?

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  1. The issue of allowing large numbers of immigrants from very different backgrounds into your country is certainly something that should eb addressed and controlled without knee jerk reactions of racism , but where children are legally resident in a country it serves no purpose to racially segregate them in classrooms. How could that ever help any healthy and harmonious future for society.

  2. Colm,
    (Hero #1!)
    Perhaps we Europerans have forgotten or ignored, the power of belief and the strength of group identity. The English especially, have diluted patriotism to a jokey attachment to a football team or soap opera.
    European nations have become so wrapped up in materialism, irreligion and the good life, we assumed that all peoples shared the same values. These smaller ethnic groups are bound by cultural bonds that we have been encouraged to forget. Our politicians are more concerned with scoring points off each other than working together for our future prosperity and security. Listen for example to that political opportunist Ed Millipede, as he seeks to rubbish the government for not solving problems which had their origins in his party’s term of office! No shame, no humility, only the lust to regain power.

    So, European countries are now becoming aware of the cost of their humanitarian liberal policies. Unless they start insisting on a greater degree of assimilation and the supremacy of their laws and their values, they will witness the destruction of European culture, freedoms and prosperity.
    It has to stop, but it is going to be a very painful process.

  3. Agit8ed – There was a man who insisted upon the supremacy of his “values”. He used that to justify his shooting of a lot of young people in Norway recently.

  4. No fair Mahons.
    We’re not talking about individual actions, but about how to ensure that host nations can make room for others without compromising their own culture and values. That’s the area of discussion.

  5. “Not so long ago we were being told that Norway is the very model of multicultural acceptance. Except, of course, that is anything but!!”

    It’s amazing what the influence of a single visiting Scotsman can do!

  6. It is unfair to try to in any way connect the critics of an atrocious immigration policy and it’s poisonous after effects with the acts ior beliefs of a mass murdering criminal.

  7. Mahons,
    Why have you started stereophonic commenting?

    Monstrously as in
    “averting a cultural meltdown”
    Monstrously as in
    “avoiding the American example of interring all their Irish Japanese population during WW2″
    Monstrously as in

    what happened to the Tamils in Sri Lanka..

    There! That should keep you out of mischief for a few hours..

  8. What’s wrong with white flight? That’s how we routinely handle our ethnic differences in america.

    No muss, no fuss.

  9. I finished a project in Oslo about 2-1/2 years ago and the east side of Oslo was unrecognisable as Norway or even Europe. Norwegians, who are aware that Norway had no empire in Africa or Asia, are questioning why the 3rd-world is being allowed in to colonise their country. After all, there are only 4 million Norwegians.

  10. I seem to remember back in the early eighties there was a current affairs magazine called “Now”, owned by James Goldsmith. It didn’t last long, but I thought it was pretty good. Anyway, I am pretty sure they did an article on increasingly aggressive/desperate migration from the 3rd World to the 1st – especially Europe..
    The point being that telecommunications and travel have made people in impoverished/war torn countries more anxious to escape to the West. It doesn’t matter that Norway had no colonies -it is stable, safe, prosperous and looks after its poor. That’s all that matters.

    Of course, if too many immigrants come, guess what will happen?

  11. Agit – I remember that publication, established by James Goldsmith (I don’t think he was knighted at the time). Sir James, in his book The Trap, pointed out how dangerous the EU project is and cited the absurdity of abandoning national boundaries and trade controls as being equivalent to removing the bulkheads in a ship – one holed section would sink the entirety as Greece is doing.

    Would you describe Sir James Goldsmith as a patriot, Agit? Note that I have done so on this site several times.

  12. Er,
    Is that a trick question Allan?
    You must be slightly older than I thought if you can remember that magazine.
    I thought it was very good, and I supported the idea of the Referendum Party. As far as I read his stuff I regard him as a patriot, but I don’t think he would identify with your bunch. do you?

  13. With Europe seeking to open up its borders to 60m Turkish Muslims, things are going to get much worse.

    Except that Europe is not seeking any such thing. David Cameron is the only leader of a big EU state that supports Turkey joining. Germany and France (and others) are determined to prevent it, and will succeed.

  14. Peter

    Why isn’t there a louder condemnation of Cameron for his support of such a dangerous and bizarre proposal?

  15. Phantom

    Because it’s a minor issue for most Brits. If asked by Cameron (they won’t be) most of them would be opposed to Turkey joining the EU.

    It’s a much bigger issue in Germany which has millions of Turks already, many of whom have lived there for decades and still don’t speak German. A new mosque in Cologne caused great convulsions in the last few years.

  16. I understand but it is grossly irresponsible for him to take this position

    It is disrespectful to both the Turks and to thr Europeans

  17. Phantom –

    About the only three people over here who want the EU to take over Istanbul are the three LibLabCon leaders. None of them have explained why.

    It’s also official State Department policy that it should happen and it’s easy to see why they want Turkey bound in closer to Europe. The thing is, 80 million Turks won’t be given the right to occupy the State Department if it did happen.

    It’s much more likely that the EU runs out of zeal and is greatly diminished rather Turkey be subsumed.

  18. I remember when GW Bush made a clumsy statement about Turk membership

    It makes sense to want Turkey to have a western orientation and to be in NATO

    But that’s it

  19. More monstrous musings – Unregulated immigration clearly is a problem, and even poorly regulated immigration is a problem. But we can tighten it up and have it make more sense without having to join forces with those for whom it is merely an excuse for their prejudices.

  20. Phantom –

    It’s not about what would be ‘sensible’, it’s about cultural Marxism and cultural war.

  21. Agit – for most British people, it is much preferable to turn over the UK to the 3rd-world than to risk being labeled a ‘racist’ for opposing the colonisation of the UK. The paradox of opposing mass immigration to the UK and also opposing the one party which makes clear that it would stop it appears lost on you, Agit, as with the great majority of the British people. But I don’t think that Sir James Goldsmith, a patriot and a Jew, would have missed it.

  22. I was in Sweden this past summer and had several conversations about Muslim immigrants to Scandanavian countries and the real and sometimes ‘imagined’ problems their presence posed. Originally, they immigrated because they because they provided cheap labor and did jobs Scandanavians wouldn’t do…then the gov’ts began taking refugees/asylum seekers from the Bosnian War…there is a long tradition of accepting asylum seekers regardless of religion (I visited with a Brazilian who received asylum in the 70s (socialist). Their welfare systems are second to none. Those on the far right have always objected. But after the Gulf War and then 9/11…the objectors grew to include more centrists. And now, even those on the left are beginning to object (e.g., the way they slaughter animals; .feminist-leaning folks object to the restrcitive jihab and male circumcision…Seems as though the pendulum is swinging the other way…

  23. I grew up in an area with a substantial Norwegian population. They’re good, kind hearted people. If you can’t get along with them, you can’t get along with anyone.

    Norway, and it’s neighbors need to see reality as it is, and not as how they wish it was.

  24. Phantom,
    It doesn’t matter WHAT your experience of Norwegians! There are folks on ATW who would move heaven and earth to dig up some obscure “fact” that for example,
    the first Norwegian store Santa was actually a paedophilic Islamophobe, and hence Norwegians have no grounds to be uncomfortable with the cultural practices of their Islamic immigrants.. 😉

  25. I am well aware

    They will turn this around and pretend that the big hearted people who gave these ” refugees ” and ” immigrants ” aid and shelter are KKK Bull Connor Racists from Alabama. I know exactly how this game is played. The victim will be blamed. Of course.

    Twenty five years from now, look for the same deal in Naas and Dublin. Same ole same ole.

  26. “The paradox of opposing mass immigration to the UK and also opposing the one party which makes clear that it would stop it appears lost on you, Agit,”

    Sorry this is late, just been trawling through last week’s posts.

    The paradox is not lost on me Allan, and if your party stopped demonising/denigrating/smearing other cultures, and just concentrated on issues in the way that Sir Andrew Green’s Migration Watch does, you would do better.
    It is overcrowding, the destabilisation and undermining of our culture/country which matters -not who’s doing it.

  27. Allan’s positions on Holocaust denial and 9/11 Denial cloud every odd valid point he happens to stumble upon. He is an unwelcome and useless ally on any issue large and small.

  28. Phantom,
    If you have ever seen/heard BNP’s leader,Nick Griffin in action, you will see the similarities of thought. It is really sad – and warped.

  29. Agit8ed –

    Are you seeing the BNP or a BNP which state propaganda whats you to see?

    Granted, some members aren’t the brightest but that hardly distinguishes them from the LinLabCon Party. I don’t see any ‘denigration’ going on with the BNP website as it is today. I do see the common concerns of millions of Britons and some celebration of British culture, but we’re the only people not allowed that kind of thing, aren’t we?

  30. Agit- as I wrote above, people like you would greatly prefer that the country be lost to its indigenous people than, heaven forbid, you ever be called ‘racist’. That’s the reality and it describes the vast majority of Britons, who are completely X-factored.

    It must be said that a people has no ‘right’ to a country: they have to make it theirs and defend it by all means necessary. The fact that Britons are in the process of losing their country without a fight (for the very reason stated above) is Darwinism in action before our very eyes. I’m very disappointed by the whites of this country and I waste no more money nor effort on the state-infiltrated BNP and similar. I cast my eyes over Europe to see which of those countries will resist the invasion and it isn’t immediately obvious if any will do so.

  31. “Agit- as I wrote above, people like you would greatly prefer that the country be lost to its indigenous people than, heaven forbid, you ever be called ‘racist’.”

    that’s garbage! I don’t care if people/the government labels me a racist, That I want my country back does not make me a racist.

  32. Good post Mairin2. I was quoting you in an earlier rant I was composing, then I hit the wrong button….

  33. If you have ever seen/heard BNP’s leader,Nick Griffin in action, you will see the similarities of thought. It is really sad – and warped.

    I don’t claim to know much about the BNP but I do know that a lot of people who I respect have a big problem with them

    But if the big parties won’t firmly grasp this issue, don’t they cede the field on it to the likes to the BNP? To the detriment of the British public?

    Allan is very robotic on a lot of things. I’d like to see where he has differed with the BNP or with the laughable Alex Jones on anything of substance.

  34. Phantom,
    This is why the BNP hasn’t and will never in its present form, achieve political power.
    Most Brits who are bothered by population change are like me.
    (though not as good looking or cuddly)
    They don’t like the changes, but they don’t want to vilify ethnic groups either. Were a British government to seriously overhaul our immigration policy and deport criminals and troublemakers, they would be very popular.

  35. Most Brits who are bothered by population change are like me.

    Yes – moan about it, do nothing about it, die out.

    I’ve just had a look at the BNP’s website and I couldn’t find anything offensive or denigrating of any ethnic groups, though perhaps my attenae are less finely tuned than Agit’s who seems to percive ‘offensiveness’ in homeopathic quanttites. Agit – would you be good enough to sully yourself and vist the BNP’s website.

    As for the Alex Jones website, here are the lead stories and Phantom can tell me where the lies are:


    1. Globalist Candidate Gingrich Gets Influential Establishment Endorsement

    – The establishment has left the flubber Rick Perry in the dust and may do likewise to Mitt Romney as the 2012 election season gears up. It looks like they are putting their money behind the former Speaker of the House and seasoned globalist, Newt Gingrich.

    On Sunday, Gingrich received the endorsement of the influential editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader. “We are in critical need of the innovative, forward-looking strategy and positive leadership that Gingrich has shown he is capable of providing,” said an editorial penned by publisher Joseph W. McQuaid.

    “A lot of candidates say they’re going to improve Washington. Newt Gingrich has actually done that, and in this race he offers the best shot of doing it again,” he added. –

    2. Cop Arrests Five Year Old for Acting Out in School (see video report)

    – It’s another example demonstrating that the cops are out of control. A five year old boy is arrested and handcuffed for the crime of disrespecting a cop at a public re-education camp in California.

    The incident is a reminder that the state thinks it owns our children. Instead of calling his mother – who should be responsible for the five year old’s behavior – the school called in a cop. Apparently the cop is assigned to patrol the school the same way “correction officers” patrol the corridors of prisons. –

    3. Video using Johnny Cash’s ‘Walk the Line’ as ‘End the Fed’ – factual lyrics indeed.

    4. While consumers shop, U.S. descends into planned financial implosion that favors corporate elite

    – We live in interesting times. Even as our own civilization hangs on the precipice of financial solvency, the priorities of the uninformed masses as so distorted that many will actually camp out in front of a Best Buy store in order to be the first in line to save $100 on a big-screen TV. In a time when the very problems of society are rooted in over-consumption and too much television, the everyday pleebs place such high importance on expanding the size of their mainstream media hypnosis devices that they will physically fight each other to get one of these TVs at a slightly lower price.

    Meanwhile, the federal debt has plunged past $15 trillion, the freedoms and liberties upon which America built its economic strength are fast eroding, and the U.S. has practically entered a fighting war with Pakistan Pay no mind to any of that, friends. Wal-Mart has teflon-coated waffle makers on sale for two bucks off!

    Sleight-of-mind distractions
    Meanwhile, the 2012 presidential election races are under way, and the mainstream media seems determined to catapult anyone into the White House as long as his name isn’t Ron Paul. The last thing the globalist controllers really want is someone who dares to tell the People the truth about topics that matter — the Federal Reserve, national debt, foreign wars, the Bill of Rights and more. Presidents are supposed to be entertainers and distracters, didn’t you know? When a nation’s collision with financial reality is all but inescapable, that nation inevitably turns to bread and circuses.

    And so sleight-of-mind distractions invite the masses to invest their attention in dancing with the stars, lusting after the latest electronics gadgets, and tuning in to staged news footage from the front lines of the fabricated “war on terror” where U.S. troops are now openly engaged in the planting, harvesting and protecting of the opium trade in Afghanistan. You can talk about anything you want in America, it seems, as long as it’s not the Bill of Rights, or buying something with cash, or exercising your Free Speech rights — because all of those things are now considered signs of being a suspected terrorist. –

    Any lies there?

  36. Allan

    Please take the side of unlimited immigration if you would.

    Your broader views are so completely repulsive to the fair minded British / European mindset that you just might help folks turn the corner on the issue if you did.

  37. Agit8ed –

    “They don’t like the changes, but they don’t want to vilify ethnic groups either. Were a British government to seriously overhaul our immigration policy and deport criminals and troublemakers, they would be very popular.”

    Yet we’re still waiting for some BNP vilification while the Tory Party is immigrating in larger largers than even NuLabour immigrated.

    It doesn’t matter which faction “seriously overhauls our immigration policy and deport criminals and troublemakers” (while reversing 60 years of Marxist social policy) because they’ll be vilified as racist. You either get to the task or you’re part of the problem. The LibLabCon Party is part of the problem.

  38. Phantom – the master-evader avoids again! You put up a post at 9.25. mentioning the “laughable” Alex Jones so I decided to visit his website, copy over the headlines at that time, and then challenge you to show me the lies. Quite simple and straight-forward, nothing difficult: the text is on the post above. And what do we get: BS like the post above. Utterly pitiful, but I’ll take you on over the unlimited immigration switch.

    The numbers are such that even if immigration from the 3rd-world were halted tomorrow, the breeding rates of those here mean that indigeous Britons will still be a minority by 2040-50. It could be argued that one may as well leave the door open and engineer a total collapse now in the hope that when X-factor is no longer on TV, enough of the remaining Britons might attempt to recover. But whenever I’m in England, or in the city centres of Scotland, what I see doesn’t give me any cause for optimism. Agit will be pleased: BNP defeated, and the UK will be a 3rd-world shit-hole.

  39. I don’t know how one can be a master evader when one takes positions that are controversial in to all here in one form or the other

    I want

    zero immigration from bad countries or cultures. Removing all magnets to illegal immigration.

    Universal health care plan for all legal residents

    airtight gun control like you have in UK or Canada or failing that reasonable controls like in NY State

    Legalization of drugs in all countries in a coordinated fashion

    These are hugely controversial positions to take. And you say I evade. I think that you evade reality.

  40. Well Phantom – for the first time, you have set out your stall on a moving thread. I won’t take up your first two points but I’ll deal with gun control and drug control. (Btw, aren’t your views ‘alarmingly’ similar to Ron Paul’s?)

    The people should be more heavily armed than the state, and anybody who dose not have a record for violent crime should be allowed to own a gun, for defence of himself and his family within his property – no apologies to wimmin for use of the male role-model.

    Drugs should be illegal and it would be easily enforced because the crop in Afghanistan would be sprayed, the CIA will be jailed and there will be no trafficking. There has been no war on drugs – it was phoney, just like the war on terror. The agencies of the banker-state made $billions out of peddling that junk and still are. Wachovia bank, a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, launderer of choice for drug gangs.

    So, we disagree. Not enough time to go further. I’m going to link more often to the “laughable” Alex Jones and challenge you to show where he’s wrong. It should be quite interesting.

  41. I’ve said these things many times here. Ask anyone whi is a regular.

    Gun control works and the stats prove it.

    And there are plenty of unnecessary deaths due to first time offenders, who get angry, who haven’t been caught before, etc etc.

    I could produce 50 years of stats, but the insecurel men – it is usually men – who take your position aren’t in the facts business. Which is why the carnage in Alabama etc. will never get better.

    At least you are thinking for yourself on the drugs thing even though such positions are destroying societies in north and south america and in Europe. And funding every mafia and terror group.

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