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The Welfare State encourages the worst human behaviour possible;

The jobless man branded ‘Britain’s most feckless dad’ for fathering 14 children has had another child – and two more are on the way. Jamie Cumming, 34, from Dundee, who lives off benefits, has had 15 children by 13 different women – and is unable to pay maintenance for any of them. Mr Cumming’s 19-year-old  ex-girlfriend birth to his latest child, a son, two weeks ago. His current girlfriend, also 19, was last night due to give birth to another boy.

Now, IF these women want to be impregnated and have a child by this guy, that’s fine, it is  their decision. You can question their judgement – but we cannot outlaw stupidity! One wonders what sort of moral values, if any, that they have, but with single mums now being eulogised as the very modern woman, I suppose they feel some sort of sense of achievement?

But as for jobless Mr Cumming – why is he being paid benefit of any sort when it is obvious the last thing on his mind is work? Dare I suggest that were he to see his welfare removed, he might re-prioritise his life? But when the State is so keen to subsidise his impregnating behaviour, why should he bother?

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  1. The thing is that our society is now so structured that no one is required to take any responsibility for their actions. It will be difficult but we must seek to change this.

  2. Life is so full of humour, – and you don’t even have to look for it!

    How appropriate is that surname for a father of fifteen offspring?

    And when asked who are you? – the reply has to be the ultimate ‘Colmism’… 🙂

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