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Today the largest Army in the world enters the Field with one Goal ln Mind…. KILL BAMBI

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21 thoughts on “Gentleman, and Ladies Good Hunting

  1. I was in Colorado when the hunting season started. Everywhere orange baseball hats were on sale to prevent a shooter being shot by mistake. I bought one. Back home in the UK I went to indulge in one of my favourate sports – Clay Target Shooting. Naturally I wore my orange hat purchased in Colorado. But over here it was the same colour as the Clay Target.

  2. An important task in my neck of the woods where hunters perform the necessary task of keeping the deer population down. Have to use a bow in my town, rifle upstate. I myself bagged one a few years ago, with a Chevy Impala.

  3. Noel – Why? Are deer in Hamas?

    Actually, the hunting helps keep the deer population from overbreeding and as such is helpful to control the population so they don’t starve. Good hunters are actually doing good work. I will admit to a certain humerous element in the hunter who falls drunk out of a deer stand and breaks an arm or leg (happens every year).

    I have deer on my property all the time, lovely to see, but I could do without the lyme disease tics they carry.

  4. Mahons,
    ” I myself bagged one a few years ago, with a Chevy Impala.”

    Let me get this straight. You bagged one deer with another deer?
    Did you throw the deer, or use it as a decoy??

  5. Good grief, look at those antlers!

    My prayers are with those courageous hunters. Imagine, nothing more than a puny hunting rifle and a fistful of crappy 185-grain bullets, and you’re going up against those mothers.

    On the upside, it means the US schools are safe 🙂

  6. There is indeed a major overpopulation problem with deer.

    Hunting is a necessary part of the ecosystem

  7. Mahons,
    Ah. That would be an American motey car would it?
    And you were using it instead of a rifle?
    Did your motey car have an orange cap on top, to make others aware of your intentions? 😉

  8. I prefer a shotgun. or a crossbow. The terrain I hunt is so thick with brambles and briars that you can’t see further than twenty yards. I Still hunt, which contrary to it’s name means you track and stalk the deer on the ground, not sitting in some comfy little blind waiting to ambush him.

    Venison is delicious, the trick is getting the deer to the butcher within the first hour or two. Regretfully to busy at work to go this year, maybe I’ll make the after new years secondary season

    Mahons what year was your Impalla I used to have a 71. 22ft long 6ft wide, convertible with a sweet v8

  9. When I was a kid in Brooklyn one of mu buddy’s dads had one of the old land yacht Impalas,

    Only slightly shorter thn the USS Enterprise

    Never understood the appeal, but what the hey

  10. Troll and Mahons,
    What’s all this “great car!” rubbish?
    Back in the ’70s when I was exploring Europe (people often mistook me for Paul Newman :)) I never once saw an American car – Deer powered or otherwise.
    I saw lots of Citroen 2CVs, some Renault 4s, even a few European Fords; but never ever an American aircraft carrier masquerading as a car!!
    Your cars are RUBBISH! Over finned and uneconomic. Nobody else wanted ’em ‘cept you guys..

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