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What’s going on in America? The Senate is about to vote on the “National Defense Authorization Bill”, which was drafted in secret and which would empower the US military to arrest and imprison anyone anywhere on the globe. Reports the Examiner:

The Senate will secretly vote Monday or Tuesday on a bill giving President Barack Obama and every future U.S. president power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial innocent Targeted Individuals, Americans and civilians anywhere in the world.

Simmer down Bud, only bad men with beards and funny names will be ‘Targeted Individuals’, won’t they? Well of course not. The constitution and American liberty have already taken an absolute hammering since 9/11 from a permanent regime which responded as if all its Christmases had come at once with those attacks ten years ago. This bill, it seems, would allow the government and military to declare anyone to be a terrorist, that’s anyone anywhere and disappear them without any recourse to due process. It was drafted in secret by Senator Carl Levin (D-Bedlam) and John McCain, who should know better about being in military detention, before being passed in closed door committee and meeting without any kind of hearing. The language appears in sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA bill”. Americans have had warning about the lunatics in Washington who target them (and, with this, everyone). From the Patriot Act on, through the DHS declaring all types of actual patriots (returning veterens, states rights supporters, libertarians, pro-life campaigners and others) as potential terrorists. Here they go again.
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  1. From what I have read the terms of the proposed bill are not secret and the vote in the Senate is not in secret. Surely the proposed bill would not be secret if it became law. What you have cited appears to be the McCain-Levin compromise which has already gotten Senate Democrats and the Defense Department up in arms (not literally). They have bee ntryign to come up with a formula for dealing with terrorist detainees, I am not sure this compromise is going to work.

  2. I haven’t looked as to how secret the drafting of the Bill was, but there is enough there to concern even those who would normally be less than concerned:


    Senator Mark Udall – “One section of these provisions, section 1031, would be interpreted as allowing the military to capture and indefinitely detain American citizens on U.S. soil. Section 1031 essentially repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 by authorizing the U.S. military to perform law enforcement functions on American soil. That alone should alarm my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, but there are other problems with these provisions that must be resolved”.

  3. It’s little wonder that the authorities in the US are looking for a means of co-opting the military into imposing dictatorial law on Americans:


    – A highly educated engaged citizenry would be a danger to the existing social order. The 1%, educated at our finest universities, does not want average Americans to obtain a great education for a reasonable price. They want them to get a worthless diploma at an excessively high price tag and become debt slaves to the Wall Street 1%. They want uneducated, indebted consumers, not educated productive citizens. Our republic has been slowly perverted since the time of its inception. The insidious process had been slow and methodical until 1913. The establishment of the Federal Reserve by an elite group of bankers and their politician friends and the establishment of a personal income tax created the conditions that have allowed a small cabal of powerful men to dictate the course of our economic, political, social, and military policies for the last 98 years. Anyone that chooses to open their eyes and awake from the propaganda induced stupor can see the result of allowing a small group of corrupt authoritarian men using their power to pervert our government into tyranny. The majority remains oppressed, buried under trillions of debt, while the shysters reap obscene profits, poison the worldwide economic system, and walk away unscathed in the aftermath of their crimes.

    – Therefore, it is no surprise that Americans sit idly by, watching their 52 inch HDTVs, as young people across the country are beaten, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets and tear gas, and scorned and ridiculed by corporate media pundits for exercising their free speech rights to peacefully protest our corrupt system. The American tradition of civil disobedience is considered domestic terrorism by those in authority. Our beloved protectors in the Orwellian-named Department of Homeland Security write reports classifying Ron Paul supporters and returning Iraq veterans as potential terrorists. If the powers that be get their way, the internet will be locked down and controlled, as it poses a huge threat to their thought-control endeavors. Freedom to think, learn, question and organize resistance is unacceptable in the eyes of the elite. The country has reached a tipping point. Will enough right-thinking Americans stand up and fight to bring down this corrupt system, or will we be herded silently to slaughter? The truth is there is something terribly wrong in this country. We are facing a myriad of problems that will require courage and common sense to overcome. We need only look in the mirror to find the guilty party. It is time to stop letting fear dictate our actions. Conflict is coming to this country due to the evil sanctioned by our corrupt leaders and the upright men and women who will bear the burden of destroying that evil. –

  4. Hmm.. I don’t think that this is the last of this Bill. There will be more to come. After all, the security of the nation is at stake.

    Btw, I haven’t seen mention on this site (apart from me) of how the security of the nation is being served by the attack on a check point of the Pakistani Army IN PAKISTAN by American helicopters. 25 soldiers dead, although it could be just another conspiracy theory invented by the Pakistanis to discredit America and jeoprdise the security of the nation.

  5. Troll mentioned it briefly. I think his opinion was “oops, shit happens.”

    I’m sure that’s what the Pakis said when they closed the border to NATO supplies.

  6. good in response maybe we can close off our financial aid to the the pakies, and yes pete that was my comment,,,,lol

  7. What financial aid to them?

    You’re being taxed to make Pakistani generals multi-millionaires. When the people have had enough and turn to islamists in desperation the top brass will be off to Switzerland to cuddle all the gold you’re giving them.

  8. Troll nails it – bomb everybody. US-military Inc. answers to nobody, and if any citizens of the US have a problem with that, then they’ll have a bigger problem once the bought-and-paid-for Congress passes the Lockemup Bill.

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