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Oh for goodness sake, some people need to get a life. Jeremy Clarkson has ‘sparked outrage’, as the gutter press puts it, for suggesting that public sector strikers should be shot.


Five thousand people have complained to the BBC, the BBC has apologised, Unison (Britain’s largest trade union) has said it’s seeking legal advice, the Prime Minister has condemned him and Ed Miliband has had a hissy fit.

It’s no surprise that politicians are sticking their oar in. Polluting everything with their religion is what they live for. The five thousand complaints came (no doubt) from trade unionists, teachers and lesbian climate change co-ordinators, so who cares about them? Clarkson is mischievous, he loves poking others with a stick. It’s time some people grew up and re-discovered the fine art of shrugging things off instead of running around like their hair’s on fire.

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19 thoughts on “CLARKSON! OUTRAGE!

  1. Jeremy Clarkson hosts the most popular motoring program in the world, seen in around 100 countries. If he was sacked just how long would he remain unemployed? O.K. some people do not like him but just as many (or maybe more) think he is great. So do I.

  2. Clarkson is self-employed. He sells his services to the BBC. He makes them a fortune. If they “sacked” him, he would probably be scooped up by the Murdoch Empire for more money. Oh the irony!

    As regards the “Outrage”, the Left just love being “offended”. Various media outlets with different agendas are fanning the fire.

    By running off to their lawyers, Unison have reacted exactly as Clarkson intended and shown themselves to be clueless.

  3. I’d shoot them, their families and their puppy. Then again I’m a moderate.

    Well that said, consider. Man on the Basildon Omnibus. Just who is more in tune with him, as he has to take his little snot factories ( young Damien and Frogmella) to work with him?

    Clarkson or Cameron/Balls/Millipede?

    I bet ‘Mr Man on the Bas bus’ would cheerfuly have supplied the ammunition for Jezza.

    BTW – Jezza has a Christmas DVD for sale and in real life he’s a VERY smart cookie.

  4. I have always liked Clarkson, although not when he takes the mick out of Christianity -remember the Three Kings programme? I feel the same way about South Park and Billy Connelly -mostly they make me laugh occasionally I cringe.
    On this occasion he was just being outrageous. What on earth has happened to the British sense of humour and proportionality?
    PS Don’t remember this many complaints when the MAC crowd burnt the poppies.
    What a laugh that was!

  5. I have just been watching Sky News. Clarkson has apologised to Unison. Unison has accepted Clarkson’s apology and suggested he spends a day with a health worker. The Sky reporter asks the question – “Has anyone done a road test on an Ambulance?” Things could be interesting.

  6. He certainly speaks for me.
    Those bloody teachers, presumably the very same ones who have most of the year on holiday, and who have noticeably failed to educate the nation’s young. Who are furthering the left wing Frankfurters and Gramsci-Marxists in their single minded determination to destroy the Anglo-Saxon/Christian culture of the Nation.
    As for the beloved Dinner Ladies/Nurses/Bisexual-outreach operatives, where were they when they were needed yesterday, or perhaps no one noticed they were away? Certainly the Border Agency seem not to have been missed. Meanwhile the professional Trade-Union Bosses, lets have their pay, pensions, and expenses published and union members signing to subscribe instead of having to sign out. Organised Mafia the lot of them.

  7. Clakson should be taken into custody for ‘assessment’. That is the way that natives who say disagreeable things are processed.

  8. On a slightly more serious note, Dave Prentis, the Gen. Sec. of Unison remarked:
    “Jeremy Clarkson clearly needs a reminder of just who he is talking about. Whilst he is driving round in fast cars for a living, public sector workers are busy holding our society together – they save others’ lives on a daily basis, they care for the sick, the vulnerable, the elderly. They deserve all our thanks”

    Well, yes, I agree, they do deserve our thanks – but Mr Prentis is confused about WHY they deserve our thanks: The main reason that they do all that noble, life-saving work is because they are doctors/nurses/firemen etc, and not especially because they are in the public sector. What about doctors who work exclusively for BUPA? Are they somehow less deserving of our appreciation? Are the lives they save somehow less important? Of course not. There’s nothing about the public sector which makes its employees somehow more “key workers” than their equivalents in the private sector.
    Indeed, as it’s the taxes paid by the private sector which pays the salaries of the public sector, it could be said that the prv/s is the real “key” sector of the economy.

  9. Isn’t Clarkson a ‘public sector worker’ himself?. How much does he get from taxation?. And I’ll bet he wouldn’t change his pension for the one’s the health workers have got coming.
    What a hypocritical sponging numpty he is

  10. Unions shouldn’t lecture anyone their members were carrying placards showing the severed heads of Cameron and Clegg with the title “These are the only cuts we want”.

  11. “Unions shouldn’t lecture anyone their members were carrying placards showing the severed heads of Cameron and Clegg with the title “These are the only cuts we want”.”

    What f*****g hypocrits!

  12. Naturally a Rightworld hero like Clarkson can do no wrong in the eyes of his many groupies here.

    Keep up the hero-worship lads, it’s fun to watch.

  13. “Keep up the hero-worship lads, it’s fun to watch.”

    Thank you for your condescension Peter. It proves our point.

  14. Peter,
    hero worship my foot! It’s just good to have someone who’s not afraid to speak out and not conform to PCDom.
    When I was a kid the Scots were mean, the Irish liked fighting, and the Welsh…
    now what was it they did for entertainment…?
    The English dithered, and were awfully polite about it.
    Nothing really changes. 🙂

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