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By ATWadmin On July 10th, 2007

Who would be a nurse? It’s a tough job and not one I would wish to do. It must involve a degree of vocation and some nurses are a great help to those whose relatives are ill or dying. During my father’s last weeks there was one particular asian male nurse who was kindness incarnate towards my family. He could see the pain we were experiencing watching our father slip away and I was pleased such a man looked after my dad right up until the end. God bless him.

That said, I have also encountered nurses with a less than zero interest in their patients. I suppose there are good and bad, like in al walks of life. But because the NHS is a State institution, salary increases are handed out to all, regardless of merit. And so it is that ALL "Key Workers" in the "Health care wider team" will get the full 2.5% increase in their salary, backdated to April 1st, appropriately. This means that nurses in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales ALL get the maximum 2.5% wage increase whilst nurses in England will only get 1.5% now and have to wait until the Autumn for the additional 1%.

I think that is wrong. WHY are English nurses so discriminated against? Isn’t this symptomatic of the current devolved political malaise? England gets little or nothing whilst the other three countries get the cream? Is this not infuriating for English people. I speak as someone who opposes devolution as set up by Blair and who sees that whilst politicians like Michael McGimpsey wallow in this largesse, the longer term implications for the Union will be severe.

12 Responses to “ANGELS TO GET 2.5% BUT NOT IN ENGLAND”

  1. Do any of the semi-literate monkeys in Stormont have the first notion were money comes from?

    The DUP are throwing it at flood victims who bought alcohols instead of insurance for their plasmas and Nikes, Michael McGimpsey is throwing it about the place like a man with no arms, education, health and public administration reforms are on hold and Margaret Ritchie has thrown her teddy in the corner because she has been asked to tighten her purse strings. No one of them has cared to suggest how we will pay to correct the rotten sewage infrastructure and laughable public transport.

    The abomination on the hill will have us all in the poor house.

  2. nrg,

    Exactly right. All they are doing is what I warned – buying populism at the expense of the taxpayer. They are indeed financial half-wits, with the odd bankrupt thrown in from what I gather!

  3. How odd? how bankrupt? Go on, name names, give us all a giggle.

  4. Why do you refer to nurses as "angels" in your headline?

  5. There are few things better than a good nurse and few things worse than a bad one. A difficult profession and in general an underpaid one.

  6. NRG,

    Now, that WOULD be telling but I am aware of at least two, in one Party!!


    I remember the TV series!


    Agreed. Some of them deserve much more than they are paid, I think others could do with a little refresher course in dealing with patients. That said, dealing wich sickness day in day out must be tough to do without causing a degree of emotional damage.

  7. That series obviously passed me by!

  8. No Angels on Channel 4 was the best Tv series about nurses.

  9. In the words of Muttley McLad:

    ‘In this life there’s a couple o certs,
    One of them’s life and the other’s a nurse…’

  10. Nurses have always been discriminated against compared to other public servants. It doesnt matter how hard nurses have been pushed in the last few years both professionally and academically no descent reward is ever given. Comments like nurses are angels also dont help, its patronising and belittling. Through history nurses have always had a raw deal, nurses train to diploma or degree standard (at some [point it will become degree status only), nurses also have as much to deal with as the police, recieve verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis, have a lot tougher situations to deal with than a teacher so why are nurses treat so bad finacially, because the majority of the nursing workforce are women who are underestimated and walked over by this labor goverment and other people who like to put nurses down.

  11. Reb,

    What is "patronising and belittling" is the Nurses insisting that they all receive the same pay, so ignoring the fact that rather like the teaching profession, the good should get more and the bad should get nothing. Don’t you think good motivated murses deserve more, and poor nurses deserve the boot?

  12. To david, did I say the teachers or police were bad? no i didnt? but they all get their cost of living rises and pay increases they want. This year, teachers 2.5%, police 4% did anybody say that was unjust!

    Also their are many poor and non-motivated teachers and policemen. should they or do they get the boot?

    Plus have you ever thought nurses who dont appear motivated to you could be because they feel undervalued, underrated and are struggling to pay the bills or put food on the table for their children, yet are expected to go to work with a huge smile on their face and be dead motivated and ambitious, even thoe the wards are understaffed, nurses are overworked and underpaid.