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On such a solemn day, of a horrible event, you try to remember those who passed and I have good thoughts about how my people and my nation reacted after that horrifying day 70yrs ago. and then you see the idiocy of the actions of my government today…..

Iran is quick to shut U.S. ‘virtual embassy’

TEHRAN — Well, that didn’t last long.

Less than 12 hours after opening, the Obama administration’s “virtual embassy” in Iran was blocked by Tehran’s digital gatekeepers on Wednesday.

Instead of seeing a welcome message from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Iranians trying to reach the site were directed to an Iranian government Web page. It warned that visiting the American site was “against the law.”

The Iranian government’s move to block the site nearly as soon as it was launched illustrates the problems the Obama administration will have as it tries to keep the resource available to all Iranians.

What a pack of Maroooons…

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13 thoughts on “With Idiots at the Helm

  1. A friend of mine (with crazy vacation preferences) was in Iran last month with a netbook. Facebook and a variety of news sites were blocked by the Iranian government. It took a local about 5-10 minutes to install the right software and get around the block.

    If you think this block will be effective then you are the “Maroooon”.

  2. OT and not to be taken further on this thread but here is more grist to Troll’s mill:


    – Documents obtained by CBS News show that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) discussed using their covert operation “Fast and Furious” to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales. –

    A slam-dunk?

  3. This type of soft power and communicating over the heads of the illegitimate and unelected Iranian government to its people is among a smart and creative thing for us to do.

  4. This Iranian non-news item paled into insignificance when, M.A,S.H. #4077 commanding officer, Col. H. Potter’s death was announced.

    R.I.P. Harry.

  5. Phantom,

    All very reminiscent of the ‘sticking pins into vipers’, that was mentioned yesterday. Don’t be surprised if, you get bitten.

    How history repeats itself. When events first occur they are catastrophic, when repeated, even seventy years later, they are no more than farce.

  6. FO the point is not whether or not the Iranian people can gain access, the point is that this current administration are just stupid, we are at war with Iran, have been since 1979, last week the British Embassy was over run and lit on fire, what is the Obama reaction…. Open a Virtual Embassy.. and if you can’t see the point look in the mirror the one on your head will provide an example.

    Alan yeah I just read that article, funny ain’t it. It verifies everything I have said about fast and furious and have been saying since last February, F&F was designed to put american guns at mexican drug cartel crime scene’s so that stricter gun laws can be placed on law abiding americans, The Proof is right there. Today Holder is back testifying (wish I was there to watch)

    And I agree rest in peace Col. Potter

  7. If you think that the only thing that this administration is doing with respect to Iran is opening the Virtual Embassy then you are the “Maroooon”.

  8. The Virtual Embassy is a creative and interesting way of communicating with the Iranian people. Troll misses the point.

    And fews is correct. A number of things are going on as respects the unlelected and illegitimate government there, and a bit of attention is being paid to the scientists who are working on Iranian Nukes. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to sell some of them a life insurance policy.

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