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By David Vance On December 8th, 2011

It has been my contention for years that the UK Education system has been degraded through deliberate and sustained grade inflation as the educational establishment colludes to make each year a record year for top grades. Reality tells a different story when one interviews these alleged top students and now further evidence of the con emerges;

‘We’re cheating… we’ll probably get told off’: Extraordinary admission by examiners who tip off teachers in £200 coaching sessions.  Examiners are advising teachers on how to boost GCSE and A-level results, it was claimed today. Chief examiners were filmed giving teachers advice on the topics pupils should study ahead of their exams. Education Secretary Michael Gove last night ordered an inquiry into the claims, and said that the footage ‘confirms that the current system is discredited’.

Of course it is discredited but plenty of teachers and Examiners make good money out of it and it suits them to keep the farce running. The truth is that examinations are plainly not as rigorous as they once were, that the style of coaching for exams has also changed, and the people MOST cheated are the students. They come out of Education waving their brace of A star grades and half them have poor English and less Maths, to paraphrase Ben Johnson. (The16th century  poet,  not the drug fueled Canadian sprinter..)

3 Responses to “THE EXAM CHEATS…”

  1. No big surprises there. We all knew something stank, as you say it just didn’t add up. I doubt that any meaningful changes will happen. The ‘bruvvers’ of the union’s will vehemently oppose anything that rocks the boat. At the end of the day only the kids education suffers and the Unions don’t give a stuff about that.

  2. running late and have to run but I saw this article this morning, which is actually an analysis of last summer’s riots in England, but touches on the education system, the welfare system, and a whole host of topics often discussed here… http://www.city-journal.org/2011/21_4_otbie-british-riots.html

    “In the name of equality and redistributionism, the state has provided them with an expensive education that is nearly useless, thanks to the implementation of pedagogical theories from whose practical effects the better-off and better-educated parents are, to some extent, able to protect their children; entrapped them in de facto prisons; and driven up the cost of their labor so far by means of welfare subsidy that it is worth no one’s while to employ it…”

    “The state has failed these Britons in one other respect, perhaps the most significant in helping to explain the riots: it has not repressed their propensity to crime. It has given criminally inclined Britons the (correct) impression of impunity. Consider that the British police catch the culprit of just one robbery in 12 and that just one in eight convicted robbers goes to prison in the U.K…”

    The article throws around words that I believe tends to diminish its credibility but it’s an interesing and thought-provoking read nevertheless…

  3. School cheats?

    New York school cheats are treated to the perp walk.

    That’s exactly the way it should be handled. Cheating is a CRIME.

    PAIN is the best motivator!