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Barbara and Roy Orbison

I read that Barbara Orbison, the widow and manager of the legendary Roy Orbison, died Dec. 6 in Los Angeles on what was the 23rd anniversary of her husband’s death. She was 60. Roy died at the younger age of  52.

According to The Mirror, she died from pancreatic cancer while surrounded by her sons. She was diagnosed in April, mere days before what would’ve been Roy’s 75th birthday — another ironic twist of fate.

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8 thoughts on “IT’S OVER….

  1. I saw Roy Orbison years ago one of the great ” concerts on the pier ” in Manhattan that they used to have.

    Great artist.

  2. Colm

    Me too. I had been into a petrol station near Beaconsfield in Bucks and bought a best of Orbison tape and then a few hours later came the news of his death. Spooky. I love his music.

  3. The comment moderation feature is acting up again on the Corzine thread.

    It’s the Revenge of Corzine.

  4. I love that pic of Roy and Barbara, they look like such a happy couple.

    Poor Barbara, I hope she didn’t suffer too much. (I say that because, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last April and only just died this week – in my experience, that sounds like a long stretch from that form of cancer. I’ve known several people who have died from that particular cancer, and always, the timespan between initial diagnosis and death was around 2 or 3 months, no more. But perhaps my knowledge is only of particularly bad cases, I don’t really know). God rest her.

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