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Well here’s a turn up.

It’s illegal in Thailand to insult the royal family. It’s so illegal that last month a 61-year-old man was jailed for 20 years for sending four text messages that were deemed offensive to the Thai queen. Mind how you go.

So if an American citizen in Colorado insults the Thai king, what should be his punishment, if any?

Most would say “Punishment? What punishment? The Thai king’s writ does not extend to Colorado, and he can say what he likes about the Thai king.” Most would be correct, of course, but a Thai judge has just sent that American citizen down for two and a half years for doing exactly that.

Rough justice? I can think of someone who knows how he must feel.


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  1. Mr. Gordon (who oddly went to Thailand from Colorado for medical treatment) put himself in Thailand’s jurisdiction. Not a bright idea.

  2. The problem is that if he posted the links while in Colorado. Should they be allowed to punish him for a crime he committed in he US, considering that it wasn’t a crime in the jurisdiction he was in when he committed it?

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