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By Pete Moore On December 22nd, 2011

Not the greatest surprise:















The establishment choice is made: George HW Bush (R-Skull & Bones) has endorsed Mitt Romney.


  1. The former President is well liked and respected. He knows that the best chance to beat the incumbant is Romney so the endorsement isn’t unexpected.

  2. The headline is wrong. It should read ” The Adult Choice ”

    Bush I is indeed widely respected in this country by those of all stripes. You Ron Paul boys don’t know the country too good.

  3. Bush Il Sung flew in WW2 and bailed out of a plane leaving his crew to die: when in the CIA in Texas, he couldn’t remember where he was when JFK got shot a few miles away; the son of his close associate shot President Reagan which left Bush Il Sung as functional President for much of Reagan’s two terms. Sure, Bush Il Sung is ‘well liked’ and this is why Americans are getting the country they deserve.

  4. It’s about power with these people – not principles.

  5. Patty, you’re finally turning the critical corner. Brava!

    Phantom, I think you may be a touch out of step with how disgusted and betrayed your regular fellow countrymen feel with the political establishment types you still so confidently trust.

  6. Daphne

    We all have an imperfect knowledge of such things

    I see GW Bush a decorated WW2 vet who has served his country in many ways since that time, as one of the good guys and would say so even if I disagreed with his politics more than I do.

    What do you dislike about Bush One?

    I would not automatically like or dislike a person because of their ties to the establishment

  7. -George Herbert Walker Bush – was a decorated WW2 vet

    And ambassador to China

    An important man who is well regarded in Texas and nationally

  8. I dislike nothing about Bush I or II and harbor no personal animosity or disrespect towards either man.

    But times have changed and the general public has more access to critical and historical information than they did twelve years ago. As a result, some of us are better informed and less likely to place the same level of blind trust in our elder statesmen or their designated replacements.

    Phantom, my good man, you sound like a fellow who’s still living in the golden twilight of the previous century. Time to get up to speed with the unfortunate reality that most politicians aren’t cut from the same decent cloth as you or I.

  9. “Patty, you’re finally turning the critical corner. Brava!”

    it’s not rocket science, Daphne.

    I don’t agree with your anarcho anti-everybody in a position of actual power BS – and I think Sarah Palin is the bomb. and the Tea Party is a very positive movement. I like Ayn Rand. And i’m a solid Christian.

    i’m more pragmatic than you – i will not vote or support Ron Paul, although I agree with much he domestically advocates for – and i will vote for Jeb Bush if for some nightmarish reason he gets the nomination.

  10. In the nightmare scenario that Ron Paul got the GOP nomination, I think that there would be substantial numbers of horrified Republicans and Independents who would be compelled to vote for Obama, who would clearly be the better man in that Hobson’s Choice.

    Ron Paul may be the worst candidate in anyone’s lifetime, at least since the time of George Corley Wallace.


  11. “It’s about power with these people – not principles.”

    But Patty, the Tea Partiers – or at least the two on this site – are very low in principles too, it seems. After telling us for years that there is no point in replacing Obama with some other statists or some other Beltway man, and that the only meaningful divide in US politics is between, what was it, Big Govt and Small Govt, the two have now gone and supported probably the greatest statist and Beltway man and Big Govt advocate that the Rep. party can come up with. What’s more, they support him over Ron Paul, the strongest proponent of Small Govt and anti-statism in the field.

    BTW, are you looking forward to your Christmas presents?
    Hope you’re cooking up some nice goodies for the day.

  12. Nearly all the Tea Party people you talk to are low in the stated principles.

    They want to cut other people’s benefits, but they want their Medicare.

    They want to lower taxes dramatically, but they still want a robust military.

    They want to cut waste, but they want their earmarks, their Bridges to Nowhere.

    They are full of it.

    There is a huge case to be made for more rational – not necessarily lower, but rational – taxes, and for a more efficient government, but the TP people are generally too stupid and too disorganize to make that case.

  13. Noel Cunningham – well said.

  14. Noel – Except the Tea Party folks are not as easily defined as all that. While they may share some of Ron Paul’s ideas that government should be reduced, on closer examination they don’t share his embrace of a racist group like the John Birch Society and his troubling history in that area. They don’t necessarily share his wildly simplistic foreign policy ideas either.