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Interesting article here concerning the persecution of Christians across the Arab world as the alleged “Spring” turns into cold Winter!

The Americans have gone now, and Iraq’s Christian communities – some of the world’s oldest – are undergoing an exodus on a biblical scale. Of the country’s 1.4 million Christians, about two thirds have now fled.

Although the British Government is reluctant to recognise it, a new evil is sweeping the Middle East: religious cleansing.

In Tunisia, priests are being murdered. Maronite Christians in Lebanon have, for the first time, become targets of bombing campaigns. Christians in Syria, who have suffered as much as anyone from the Assad regime, now pray for its survival. If it falls, and the Islamists triumph, persecution may begin in earnest.

The idea of Christianity as a kind of contagion that is foreign to the Arab world is bizarre: it is, of course, a Middle Eastern religion successfully exported to the pagan West. Those feet, in ancient times, came nowhere near England’s mountains green. The Nativity is a Middle Eastern story about a child born to a Jewish mother, whose first visitors were three wise Iranians and who was then swept off to Egypt to escape Roman persecution.

His Apostles later scattered to Libya, Turkey and Iraq, to establish the Christian communities that are now under threat. For most of history, they have coexisted happily with Muslims: dressing the same way, even celebrating each other’s festivals. The rise of the veil, and other cultural dividing lines, is a relatively modern phenomenon.

Isn’t the toxic truth that Islam cannot and will not happily co-exist with other faiths when it gets into power. Live and let live is now passe and has become live and let die, if you are a follower of Christ in these lands. Remarkably our politicians seem blase about this rampant intolerance, this naked evil.

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4 thoughts on “LIVE AND LET DIE

  1. I would agree the govt should try to do more, although the author’s idea on restricting aid seems odd – I don’t think we give much aid to the countries involved.

    Secondly , the big problems for Iraqi Christians came with the overthrow of Saddam, not particularly The leaving of the US and certainly not the Arab spring. And the author is wrong to imply that the “secular” dictators were egalitarian. Christians were badly treated under Mubarak for example.

    On a more positive note I saw the new PM of Tunisia made a speech recently calling on Tunisian Jews to return. So we shouldn’t paint all Muslims with the same brush.

    Having said the rise of Islamism is generally worrying for diversity. I am particularly concerned about Syria in this regard.

  2. Noel,

    What are you, a frigging Nazi?!!

    Don’t you know it’s antisemitic to call attention to the wicked deeds of Jews?

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