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The reconstructed menorah

I see anti-Semitic hatred is alive and well and kicking in Scotland;

“Volunteers rebuilt a 15ft menorah in less than six hours after vandals destroyed Scotland’s biggest public chanuciah in an antisemitic attack.

Edinburgh Chabad constructed and installed the new menorah in time for Tuesday night’s first candle-lighting – describing the feat as a modern-day Chanucah miracle. The original menorah – erected in the city’s St Andrew’s Square – was found destroyed earlier the same day. Its broken pieces were recovered close to tents set up in the square by the Occupy Edinburgh movement.

Rabbi Pinny Weinman said: “We put up the menorah on Monday afternoon and it was all wired up ready for lighting. At midday on Tuesday I got a call saying the menorah had been totally destroyed. “We did not cancel the ceremony. We pulled together a team of people to build a new one from scratch, using wood, and it was then spray-painted. It was ready just in time for the lighting.” A crowd of around 200 people gathered in the square to cheer the new menorah’s arrival.”

Well done to those who rallied around and rebuilt the Menorah. Hope the Occupy rabble feel good.


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  1. and I’m sure none of the occupy crowd saw or had anything to do with the 1st menorahs destruction, I mean the those are the tolerant for the people crowd, aren’t they?

  2. I wonder would the calls for tolerance be as strong if it had been a minaret instead of a menorah?

  3. But a minaret wasn’t destroyed.

    This is preemptive, brass neck whataboutry, on behalf of intolerant criminals who are probably quite sympathetic to the minaret crowd.

  4. There really isn’t any indication that the vandals (typical all over the world I am afraid) were representative of the Occupy movement.

  5. Well said Mahons.

    There is no indication that the Occupy people were responsible for this outrage. More likely suspects would be from the usual rar-right untermenchen, but of course that would not fit the agenda.

  6. Absolutely Peter, this accusation is a bit ridiculous. I highly doubt that anti-greed activists would have the motivation for this – or that they would risk their presence in the square to smash a Menorah… Doesn’t add up. It is easy to jump to conclusions however.

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