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I always look forward to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christmas speech. It helps re-affirm my belief in not having any belief in the useless post-Christian Anglican leader. True to form, Druid Williams did not disappoint. You will recall he has come out on the side of the Occupy rabble so it was always going to be a cert (or, a banker if you prefer) that this year our Rowan would once again demonstrate his Marxist roots;

Dr Rowan Williams raised eyebrows on Sunday by saying the rioters were no worse than the bankers and that ‘bonds of trust’ had broken throughout society. In his Christmas sermon, he said: ‘Whether it is an urban rioter mindlessly burning down a small shop that serves his community, or a speculator turning his back on the question of who bears the ultimate cost for his acquisitive adventures in the virtual reality of today’s financial world, the picture is of atoms spinning apart in the dark.’

No, the picture is of liberal wholly fools spinning in the dark unable to grasp even the most basic moral precepts. There is a VAST chasm between those who break the law and burn down other people’s property and those who lawfully operate within financial markets. There is nothing immoral in “speculation” but then again it is interesting to hear this man who presides over a £4.5bn asset lecture others about money.

And then, just when I though things couldn’t get worse for the hallowed out and degenerate Anglican leadership, I read that the Bishop of London wants to put up a  “memorial tent”  a permanent display inside St Paul’s Cathedral in honour of the Occupy protesters. The term “whited sepulchre” comes to mind.

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4 thoughts on “THE PROBLEM WITH ROWAN..

  1. This bearded excuse for a Bishop, clown Ronan Williams is the type of obnoxious, Liberal, egotist I’d really enjoy beating to death with a baseball bat, putting his (still breathing body into a chipper (no, not the germ contaminated English food dispenser on wheels type of chipper-the tree limb cruncher) and feeding the minced pieces of his carcass to a pack of wild dogs

    Well one can fantasize, can’t one?

  2. Good Morning David.
    I trust your Christmas went well?
    I listened to Rowan this morning on Radio 4, talking about his love of Dostoevsky..
    In a sense he is representative of all that is wrong with the Church of England, and no I don’t mean his Welsh Druid interests, although I found this reference interesting and somewhat conflicting with his Christian beliefs.

    “Druids know there are many Gods and Goddesses. One cannot be a ‘Christian, Wiccan, Moslem or anything else’ and a Druid. They will contradict each other.”

    No what I mean is, that he is typical of a type of middle class, well educated person of liberal sensibilities who likes ceremonies, arty farty, intellectual discussion -and dressing up!
    They often have resonant, plummy voices and sometimes beards, (to distinguish them from female clergy).
    They believe that no Christian principle or value need be fought for, that argument and passion are unseemly, and compromise is the ideal.

    In short, they totally lack the leadership qualities that will draw real men and women to them, or through them, to Christ. They exhibit no passion or excitement about their faith, and they inhabit a world far removed from those of their fellow men.
    In fact they are no longer true representatives of the Christian faith, but rather dry, dusty curators of a decrepit Museum of of Religion.

  3. He’s partially correct – but the bankers are not as bad as the rioters: they’re worse. The rioters trash small localities and put local traders out of business temporarily. The bankers destroy entire communities and countries.

  4. As Woody Guthrie wrote some man will rob you with a six gun and some with a fountain pen. I am not fond of Rowan, but I like the idea of condemning rioters AND certain bankers who have brought about ruin.

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